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Steel Bonnets In Debatatable Lands with George Macdonald Fraser and Eric Robson

How family members are being successful at family history; 

Brigham ‘This is the Place’ genealogy with DNA applied

The family knows best.
Listen to others, especially of the opposite sex, to make family.
Do not in a family search, get rid of the in-laws, though you may want to.
Families fight, and likely not just one answer is correct, in the history.
If the family’s history is done properly one does not get to pick their ancestors.
When a person lets say MrX, on FTDNA MrX surname blog, says something about his family tree, and MZ says he is a liar, because MZ administrates the FTDNA blog, who is most likely correct MrX or MZ?
People need another point of view, and the family tree can not exist without males and females, because that is what it takes to make a family tree.
For instance the males carry the Y-DNA. To put a female MZ, in charge of FTDNA blogs MrA-MrY, with the power of kicking people out of the blog anyone she likes to is that genealogy or Corporate Profit Making?
Can a person be kicked out of their family tree?
Say two people of the same family have a disagreement on a point. One of the two researchers the other person’s position, and find it to be correct also. The other does not. Who has gained knowledge of the family tree, and is acting in the manner of a true family historian/genealogist?
Needs no commit.
Family History as opposed to History, to identify individuals, has to utilize more documentation on the subject manner then History alone. When one goes back thirty generations, that generational line mathematically has more than a billion autosomal DNA ancestors, but only one female mtDNA ancestor, and one male Y-DNA ancestor, which all it takes to produce the next generation. For me to be kicked off of FTDNA blogs shows that FTDNA is a corporate money making machine and does not care anything about families except in profit dollars, for putting they say to much online. It is minute, in amount, it is the others which are not putting enough online which is where the complaint should be made.

Nixon and Crozier link themselves more with the Armstrong these days, but in the past were apart of the Elliott, as shown near the Redhegh-Lariston Ellot on map.

Though am an Elliott today I am of the Armstrong Clan Society.

A clan which has a chief can have septs, but clan Armstrong is chief less and clan Elliot has an excellent chief in Margaret Eliott.

As an Elliott, been adopted by the Crosar in the sixteenth century, do not recommend the Crozier and Nixon to consider as of now claiming Elliott but to release yourselves from the Armstrong.

It is felt that the Nixon and Crozier are strongly related to each other, and would recommend them to combine where Clan Nixon provides their shield, because Clan Crozier does not seem like they can decide on one, and Clan Crozier provides there badge and tartan.

Clan Nixon;

July 20, 1969, Nixon as president watches an Armstrong putting the first step on the moon.

NIXON on Google Images

Clan Crozier;

Clan CROZIER  Teespring Border Reiver tee shirts.



Then after the Nixon-Crozier alliance establishes themselves, they can decide about their associations with the other two Middle March clans of Armstrong and Elliot.

With considerations of the Thomson, Glendinning and Hunter that are also known to ride with the Nixon.

It is felt it you as smaller numbers in your surnames could organize, there will be a lot of room for growth.

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3/18/2019 MSE Frank Warner, (group may be interest to this posting made to FTDNA Germany)

A269034 Mark Stephen Elliott (lawismarkellot)

Andrew ‘Dand’ Daniel ELLIOT

GEDmatch Ref: 9087233 : I324

Born: Gorrenberry, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Died: Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland

Family rode with Armstrong. Neil (Gaelic) Alden (Anglo) Armstrong (Scottish; Armestrang-army strong of Scotland). Claims Langholm, Scotland the home of (Bauld) Buccleuch Estates.

At 50th anniversity of Neil putting first step on moon; Ancestral Home of the Clan Armstrong Press Release; Gilnockie Tower – Anniversary Weekend.

5/20/2019 MSE

JOHANNES WEYERS @mark !! We do not always have to prove the origin of the word “the” or ” German ” . Their are lots of origins of documents that are often conflicting . We all try to scratch and find those of value and in the process too often even prove ourselves wrong .


Like Mark Elliott JOHANNES WEYERS In order for Elwald to be of the Fairbiarn I-M253 (Fair Bear) story in the genealogy of the children of the bear, ‘wolf’, and ‘elk’, the ‘elk’ can not be a big deer. It has to be a ‘moose’, what the English and German call an ‘elk’. Because Elwald is derived from ‘moose of the forest’. Since the ‘american elk’ is only in the forest, the name created a branch, family. The ‘moose’ in English and German ‘elk’, has a branch family in the genealogy of the family tree. It is the ‘moose/elk’ of the thickets and marsh. Never have seen an ‘American elk’ in the marshes-thicket, but have seen an ‘English-German elk’ in the marshes-thicket.


Y-DNA by Robert P. Elliott, of our Daniel Elliot, of Salem cluster shows the Ker(r) to be a in the group of the closest matches by surname. Image address showing ‘elk’ on the crest of the Kerr arms.;


Clan Kerr – Wikipedia Clan Kerr /kɜːr/ ( About this sound listen) is a Scottish clan whose origins lie in the Scottish … The name stems from the Old Norse kjarr which means marsh dweller, and came to Scotland from Normandy, the French settlement of the … (note; the People of British Isles PoBI autosomal DNA study excluding surnames groups, the Anglo-Saxon, of the ‘elk of the forest’ DNA, with the Norman DNA, of the ‘elk of the marsh’, are in the same DNA grouping.)


The Ker(Cessford, Duke of Roxborghe of Floors Castle near Kelso, Scotland), Kerr(Ferniehirst, Chief of Clan Kerr a Tory, Lady Buccleuch), and Carr(adult accuser in the Salem Witch trials). Carr, a lady in this blog brought to my attention, her awards for the DAR Daughters of the American Revolution, and reminded me the pride my family that they took place in “stringing up those Tories”, especially when they laugh at “transporting the Scots as slaves to The Colonies”. It was my family being transported, for being Royalists, like the Loyalists to the crown, but ninety years earlier. For me to get the language of my genealogy correct for my particular family is very important, but in order to do proper genealogy you better get it correct for your own family. The only family I basically have to utilize as a model for other families is my own. It is the mechanics which I am trying to teach. Like, the one who has done the genealogy and carries the Y-DNA, is most likely 100% in being correct. Listen to the ladies, ‘the Carr with the DAR awards’, do not kick out the ‘in-laws’, allow for ‘freedom of speech’, something I feel “The Americans”, need to learn from “The Europeans”, because they “The Europeans”, are beating “The Americans”, at their own game. Of course there are in America people from Europe including the UK.

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