Clan Crozier

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It is felt that names Crosser-Crosier-Crozier, Anglo-Saxon-French (crux is Latin for cross) origins, pre-Reformation in the Christian church referred to the bearer of the religious staff, and different ones could be carried. The Cross would be the major one, the the Shepard’s cane Bishop’s symbol, and others. Since these staffs would likely rotate, more than one type used the type of staff would not be equated to the bearer or carrier of it, but its carrier is felt to be referred to as a crosser-crosier-crozier. Sincerely Mark S. Elliott 9-3-2023,_Redheugh,_Larriston,_Hartsgarth.jpg

Redheugh-Larriston, 15th Century deed-sasine, of 29th Chief Margaret Eliott of Redheugh. Crozier witnessing.


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Clan Crozier

Clan Crozier (Crosier, Croser, Cros, etc.) is one of the border reiving clans of Scotland, allied with the Armstrongs, Elliots, and Nixons. Clan Cozier is an armigerous clan like the Armstrong without a chief.

Valley of early Scottish Croyser, is Riccarton Burn near Robert Ellot 15 of Lariston, and his brother Martin of Prickinhaugh.


Crosser-Crozier 1587 Middlemarch (2)