Crozier Crosier

It is felt that today’s Crozier name predominately used is of a Scottish-Ulster derivative to differentiated the name from Crosier used in England.


Reference in above Croisé.

Croice and Croise of Cross

Though croise referred to as crusader, of an earlier definition from the 14-15th centuries could be a form of the word cross.

Dictionary of the Scots Language

Early use in Treviotdale, Scotland south of Hawick 1544;


The above shows base spellings of Crosier and Crosyer, where in the sixteenth century it is common like in the Celtic-Breton spelling of Eliot, and Elyot at the time; for the i to be replaced for the y.  In the sixteenth century Scotland we have spellings Crosier and Crosyer, but not Crozier.  Crozier is found more in Scotland and Ulster Plantation in which the Scots migrated to, but England seems to retained the Crosier spelling.


Crozier distribution;

Crozier distribution Great Britain

Crozier of Liddesdale;

Homes of Family Names in Great Briain, By Henry Brougham Guppy 313

Crozier is also a name of Nova Scotia (New Scotland), Canada;

Nova Scotia Crozier is the spelling.

Crosier shows a distribution in England, near wear a William Le Gros built Scarborough, Castle;

Crosier distribution 1881 GB line

The Crosier name is found in France;

Crosier surname distribution line

In the locality of the surname Gros;

Gros surname distribution line

Croiser and Gros, likely have been influenced by the Cross (Gros) of the Crusaders (Croise);


Croisé line

It is felt that the names of France Croise and Le Cros had influenced the name Croiser/Crosier, where now in Scotland and Ulster the “s” was replaced with an “z” to make it Crozier. The Croyser is a version of Croiser, but could have been influence by a region of Croyland (Crowland), which the descendants may have lived.

Crosier is derived from the French word croisés

Crosier Crozier migration

Mark S. Elliott   3/19/2016