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Crozier; forebear surname

Crozier distribution Great Britain



Ulster 1790

3.4 Fermanagh
The relation between the Crosare (Crozier), Elwald (El
lot), Home (Hume), in the Minto (Wolflee/Wolfhopelee)
regions is shown in a Declaration of Sasine to David
of Home 1436, when a Johannis Elwald, and a Ja
cobi Crosare witness the deed of David Hume receiv
ing land from of Wolflee and Wolfhopelee from William
John Croser sword only is listed in the ca1630 munster
rolls of Tully Castle (1630 Tully, Monea, and Tullykelter
Castles exist, but Castle Hume was built later[59]) the
Barony de Magherboy, Fermanangh, Ulster. Croser, El
lot and Hume in this same region as found two centuries
earlier, in southern Treviotdale with Sasine of David

Maghereboy, Fermanagh, Ulster, Hume, Hamilton and
Somerville lands of Tully, Monea, and Tullykelter Castle lands.
In 1659, Crozier were listed in the Census of Fermanagh/Armagh, Ulster.[3]


[1] Report on the Manuscripts of Colonel David Milne Home
of Wedderburn Castle, Issue 2 Great Britain. Royal Com
mission on Historical Manuscripts H. M. Stationery Of
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Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland and Scotland
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in co. Fermanagh, and other local subjects by Trimble,
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In 163- Ulster muster a John Croser is listed in Magherboy,Fermanagh, Ulster on the estate of  George Hume of Tully Castle.
John Croser Ulster Muster 1630

History of Enniskillen rf Fermanagh

William Grocer (Croser), also of Magherboy, Fermanagh, on the estate of Sir W. Cole;

William Grocer, Ulster muster 1630

History of Enniskillen rf Fermanagh

It is felt that early Crozier migrated to Boston, in the American Plantation;


Another William Grocer (Croser) is listed in Dungannon, Tyrone on the estate of Captain A. Sanderson Tyrone Ulster muster 1630 [3].

The RJ Hunter Collection, Ulster Muster 1630-

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MSE 11/2/2016

c. 1630 Ulster muster;

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  • Glenn says:

    Hello William
    I would be interested to learn about the Fermanagh Croziers. Have you any information about them?

    • cowie says:

      Need to do something in providing more family genealogical history on the Crozier of Fermanagh. Finding that the name Crozier is likely more recent then people thing. Do genealogy so if I have a line, and people are searching to find relatives hopefully I can provide not an Fermanagh, but and Ulster aspect to genealogical information since it is likely the stepping stone for most coming from Scotland. Link above is of the RJ Hunter collection, a may-likely not have found all the variant muster names on link. You may what to yourself try variant spellings of Crozier.