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Muirhall Hermitage Castle wind farm

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Crazier, Crizer, Crosair, Crosare, Croser, Crosier, Crosir, Crosnier, Crossar, Crosser, Croysar, Croyser, Crozer, Crozier, plus others C…


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MDKA Birth: Northern Ireland
R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > U152/S28 > Z193 > Z192 > BY10448 > PF6652 > Z29456 > Z29460 > Y46677

Report on A1 Clade / R-L193

Includes research by James V. Elliott who was a major instrument in setting up the Border Reivers DNA site.

A Cosar/Crozier lived close to Ellot/Elliot in the valley of the Liddel (Little) above the Hermitage Water, in toun/town/ton of Riccarton, Hudshouse, Larriston, Hueghhouse, Thorsliehope, and Prickenhaugh. Glendinning, and Little with Ellot/Elliot live in the Valleys of the Meikledale and Glendinning Waters off the Liddel, of a R-L193 Y-DNA grouping.

note; The Elliots of Thorlieshope seem to have been located at Meikledale,… so this makes the Elliots of Larriston-Thorlieshope region of the high Liddel, both sides Scotland, of the same as the Elliots of the Glendinning-Meikledale region north of the lower Liddel on the Scottish side of the border.


Glendendenning a name associated with my family the Elliott of Mt Ayr (from Ayr, Scotland of Robert Burns), Iowa, USA.

The Elliott and Glenndinning are still good friends and strongly associated in Mt Ayr, Iowa, USA.

Clendinning Glendinning Glendenning R-L193 mainly Scotland;

It is said that the Elliot which lived among the Glendinning (variants) R-L193 of Glendinning River, Scotland are related to those which lived in the Riccarton-Hudshouse Crozier/Thorsliehope-Larriston-Elliot region on the Liddel Water.

CROZET of France;

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Vater Loren Spencer Elliott, der Elliott sind R-U106, und die Spencer sind R-L48. Y-DNA geht hauptsächlich nach Sprache. Mamas Vater ungarischer Name Barna, sprach Slawisch Deutsch, Linie von Österreich. Es wird angenommen, dass Sie aus einer Region Österreich sind, vielleicht.

Es ist wahrscheinlich, dass Ihre Y-DNA aus Siebenbürgen stammt. Es sieht aus wie mit meinen.

Käser (Kayser-Keiser), Name ist wahrscheinlich beruflich.

Der Nachname Joos wird als deutscher Familienname gefunden.

For Crose; I-M223 admixture to R-U106 Elwald

William (of Tudela) , Guilhem (of Tudela) , Claude Charles Fauriel – 1837

Simon the Saxon (Simo lo Saine), Knight Crusader, c. 1 145. Simonet of Cairo ( Simonetz del Cairo), Knight Crusader. His death, y. 84o5. Soissons (the count of) ( lo Coms de Sisco), Raoul de Nesle, III * of the name, brings to the Crusaders an army  …


PoBI Viking settlement in England by Jane Kershaw & Ellen C. Røyrvik PDF

Elwald  Y-DNA SNP FTDNA # 101829, Yseq # 4069 M269> U106> S12025> FGC12040> S16361


R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > ZZ10 > Z253 > Z2534 > ZZ5 > Z2185 > BY44331 > Z2186 > L1066 > BY411

*The Death of Parcy Reed (Crozier)

The Crozier, and the Reed seem to know each other.

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Lytz Nachname;

In Deutschland wurde der Name Lytz wahrscheinlich in Lietz geändert. Mit dem Nachnamen Lytzen aus Dänemark und der Lage ähnlicher Nachnamen in Nordostdeutschland und Y-DNA ist es bezeichnend, dass der Name aus Norddeutschland in der Nähe von Dänemark stammt.

Wilson from Hawick (Haik),+Torrington+EX38+8NG,+UK/@50.4098822,-4.3375993,6.96z/

Mallett could be related the southern France de/of Aliot name.,+UK/@49.6615499,-2.0989903,6.98z/

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