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Redheugh-Larriston, 15th Century deed-sasine, of 29th Chief Margaret Eliott of Redheugh. Crozier witnessing.



Namensverbreitungskarte – Verein für Computergenealogie (


(‘crux enim clavis’ the cross is key; compared to ‘crucem est claven’the cross is the key’ 6/30/2022 MSE)

Seems to have gained acceptability given numerical distribution on web, for being with the badge with given motto, if, Clan Crozier needs one The Clan Crozier Badge, as of 8/13/2017. The motto can be utilized if the badge is not used.

Crozier Motto.

corrected to (9/14/2017;)


(The cross is key 6/30/2022)

(French; la Croix est la clé )

Crozier motto

Crux coelorum, crux mihi clavis erit.

1.(Cross of heaven, for me; the keys of heaven.)
2.(Heavens above, the cross will be the key for me.)

Crozier’s General Armory: A Registry of American
Families Entitled to Coat Armor William Armstrong
Crozier Genealogical association, 1904 page 45.

Bulletin d’archéologie et de statistique de la Drôme, Volumes 23-24 1889 – Dauphiné (France) Dictionnaire Des
Devises Dauphiné page 505 122.–Crux coelorum, crux
mihi clavis erit (Croix des cieux, pour moi clefs du ciel)
De Crozat.

Anthony du Crozat (Crosset), a French Huguenot is a refugee to Ireland 1591.

Crozier Arms and Motto

Question in design for a Crozier Clan badge (belted);


(cross is the key)

Mark S Elliott    3/17/2016

Someone is now out with a tee shirt design;

Crozier tee

9/18/2017 MSE

Crozier tees now available.

Since the Crozier have seemed to adopt me, like many great Clementis Hobs, I picked one up myself;

8/15/2018 MSE