Peace on the Scottish Border

Peace on the Border [Rick Kemp] ( Steeleye Span sings 

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the … – Robert Bruce Armstrong – Google Books

Border Reivers; Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon, Crozier of Middle March 1587

A statue in the middle of the “Richard Nixon Centennial” exhibit shows President Richard Nixon meeting with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in 1972, an important moment in his lifetime which was an effort to improve relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Nixon’s visit to China was the first time a president had ever visited the nation, and was an unexpected first step to discussions that involved the Soviet Union.
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The Nixon Library is opening a new exhibition to commemorate President Nixon’s 100th birthday. It explores Nixon’s youth and rise to presidency, as well as important artifacts related to his life in the White House.


Chronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Seem to be related to guys in skirts.

Crozier / Crosier
Clan Crozier – Clan Crozier
Clan Crozier (crosier, croser, cros, etc.) is one of the border reiving clans of Scotland, along with the Armstrongs, Elliots, and Nixons. Some sources cite the surname as a sept of the Armstrong clan, but the Scottish Parliament in 1587 identified the Croziers as a middle march clan.

Крозье / Крозье
Clan Crozier – Clan Crozier
Клан Крозье (crosier, croser, cros и т.д.) является одним из пограничных кланов Шотландии, наряду с Армстронгами, Эллиотами и Никсонами. Некоторые источники ссылаются на фамилию как на септ клана Армстронгов, но шотландский парламент в 1587 году определил Крозье как клан среднего марша.

Brigham ‘This is the Place’ genealogy with DNA applied

Could they have moved when the violence ‘The Troubles’, was going on along the County Fermanagh border? Guess if there is any hardening of the border, people of County Femanagh may want to move to Germany to get away from violence.,1996:McManus,1996:Johnston,1996:Armstrong,1996:Elliott

If your family lived all sides on the same piece of land called Ireland, and someone put a border in keeping your family apart. Would you be mad at your family or those which put the border in? Which group would be for the violence which followed. The group which was against the border in the first place or the group which put it in?

If people voted to leave a group of people, but not to put a fence in after they left, but it was decided to put the fence in anyway, would one call that democracy? Is democracy when people vote on something, but the vote is not followed?

Neil Armstrong’s Last Name Posed a Problem in his Ancestral Scottish Hometown
Apr 15, 2019 Ian Harvey

No-deal Brexit: Tony Blair warns of ‘devastating’ consequences for peace in Northern Ireland
Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge, the former Labour Party leader says no one could “responsibly” propose a no-deal Brexit.
Sunday 10 February 2019, UK

Irish border issue: ‘Peace is not guaranteed’ Duration: 00:31 2/4/2019
Ireland peace broker George Mitchell warns violence is possible if a hard border returns to the island.

Nicola Sturgeon plots her own power grab as she uses Brexit to demand a fresh wave of devolution for Scotland
The voice of your constituency against wind farms in the Middle Shires and next to The Hermitage Castle in Scotland are being ignored.  The voice of the people of Scotland for a Scottish Border National Park of Peace with England are being ignored also by Nicola Sturgeon.

People’s vote Brexit rally draws 1 million marchers

Guardian News
Published on Mar 23, 2019

Only a dictator would not support a Borders English-Scotland National Peace Park, they would support Scottish ownership of a wind farm company in which they can desecrate the lands of the Middle Shires set aside to remember the families of borders which were genocide there in the manner which Hitler genocide the Jews.

How can Nicola Sturgeon listen to Armstrong, Elliot, and Johnston on a Brexit Border if she does not listen to them on the Scottish Border?

BBC News South Scotland Windy Edge wind farm appeal succeeds 9 June 2016
A wind farm rejected by a council as “incongruous and anachronistic” has been approved on appeal.
The nine-turbine Windy Edge project south of Hawick has been given the green light by a Scottish government reporter.
Scottish Borders Council rejected the plans about a year ago due to concerns over its effect on the landscape.
A reporter found it would have “no unacceptable environmental impacts” and ruled it could proceed.
The project attracted more than 300 letters of opposition, along with more than 100 in support of the scheme.

Wind farm battle over Scottish castle

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the Debateable Land:

By Robert Bruce Armstrong, Volume 1 publisher D. Douglas, 1883 (1992 photo copy Clan Armstrong Trust)

Yes, I know it is written by a Grahame, tough of England, still feel information may be trusted.

The Middle March Clans of; Armstrong, Elliott, and Nixon, fought on the side of Mary Stuart (Stewart) Queen of Scots.

Scotland’s Sturgeon on why failure to reach a Brexit deal would be ‘catastrophic’
PBS NewsHour Published on Feb 4, 2019

Muirhall Hermitage Castle wind farm

PBS NewsHour  Published on Feb 4, 2019

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s 1st minister in DC, US-Scottish cultural and family links should be concentrated on.



Hermitage Castle – Scottish Borders National Park

From Mary, Queen of Scots (1971 film) the fort soldiers would be Clan Ellot (Ellot Angus-Scotland, ie Elliot-Eliott-Elliott where Eliot is French like the French name Stuart instead of the Scottish Stewart).


BBC Four Smailholm Tower (above) and the Border Reivers

Hermitage Castle Homeplace Clan Elliot t-shirt

The 2017 Royal Military Tattoo, Edinburgh Castle    Clan Elliot

Travel firm AC Group targets Scottish ‘hotbed’  Saturday 29 December 2018



Peace on the Border

Steeleye Span 
Published on Nov 8, 2014
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Peace On The Border · Steeleye Span

Steeleye Span

Would use Youtube link (showing album cover), Steeleye Span, but it is causing problems.

Album Back in Line



Peace On The Border      

After the riding we dispersed
We drifted home in twos and threes
Through cold and rain we spat and cursed
This ancient war of families

Clan Armstrong Scotland’s Clans Series 1 Episode 1 of 6

BBC Four Smailholm Tower (above) and the Border Reivers

…..the most famous even reached the moon; Neil Armstrong.

Margaret Elliot (correct spelling of 29th chief of Redheugh-Stobs is Eliott) talks about how the Reivers were opportunists who were a law unto themselves. (Broadcast: 8/5/2008)


Armies past and then returned
They killed and raped, they stole and burnt
So from the cradle we have learnt
To be as hard as stone
And learned to stand alone


Clan Armstrong Scotland’s Clans Series 1 Episode 1 of 6

Rowanburn, UK

They are gone now, the killing and disorder
They’re just ghosts now, the brigand and marauder
And we give thanks for peace on the border
We give thanks for peace on the border




Cloak and dagger, crime on crime
Anarchy in the borderlands
The king’s men came with a valentine
To break to power of the border clans


Surname distribution of Langholm Scotland to Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland of Border Reiver ancestry of Neil Alden Armstrong;

Hermitage Castle -Langholm Online.

Langholm of Clan Armstrong’s Castle, and where the Bauld (Scottish for ‘bold’) Buccleuch now lives is the Scottish Border Home of Neil Alden Armstrong, BBC News.

Neil Armstrong: 25 Oct 2012: Scottish Parliament debates …
Oct 25, 2012 – That the Parliament notes with sadness the death of Neil Armstrong, the first … With great pleasure, I offer a few words in memory of Commander Neil Alden Armstrong, who ….. I thank Bill McArthur for sending me those words.

Fiona Armstrong BBC, on Neil Alden Armstrong’s visit to his claimed hometown, of Langholm, Scotland, just after his death.


Some were hung, some sent away
To Ireland and the low countries
Great was the price they had to pay
God bless their memory
And god bless you and me



The broken towers that stand today
Stand for peace and order
Reminding us until the day
That we need no more borders

Don’t worry Tom, the Thomson & Thompson use to ride with us Elliott (Ellot), in the Reiver, days, and we sure kept a hard border between the two kingdoms of Scotland and England.

That flag you have behind you Tom. Granddad Dan Ellot (Scottish) vanished from both kingdoms in 1607, became Daniel Elliott of Tullykelter, County Fermanagh, Anglican Royalist, transported as slave to the Colonies. If Dan Ellot stayed in Liddisdale would have been exterminated by the flag which is in your background. The Cromwellian Dictatorial Government, not going by the overall vote of Northern Ireland, and Scotland, saying they are free and independent, then the United Kingdom should allow their politicians if not pawns of a Cromwellian British Dictatorial Government and should allow Northern Ireland, and Scotland stay in the European Union. It would certainly shorten the border. The border families Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston, have basically moved to County Fermanagh, and their family left behind, most of them were exterminated and genocide if they stayed on the Scottish-English Border. So having a Brexit Border between England and Scotland will not affect these previously genocide border families like it would if the Brexit-European Union border goes around County Fermanagh, of Ulster Northern Ireland.

Instead of moving the Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston, from County Fermanagh, to the English-Scottish borders. That last move from the English-Scottish border to County Fermanagh, was quit difficult on us, maybe you can just move the EU-Brexit border back from where we did come from, so we will not have to deal with a border.


5/15/2018 MSE



Search the Muster Rolls

Armstrong, Armestrong, Armstrang, Armestrong, Ellot, Johnston, and Scot for Scott in c.1630, Country Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland muster.

A giant leap for an ‘Ulsterman’… 

Distant Irish relatives mourn moonwalker Neil Armstrong

Montgomery and Graham seem to carry an  Ancient Roman J-M__ Y-DNA;

Graham Grantham “Ancient Roman” J-M267 DNA

Shows how archaeology,  ballad, history, and genealogy can be integrated into the childrens Ballad of Hobie Noble;




Armstrong, if you are reading this, hope you understand, the Elliott (Ellot), are known to marry those English Graham, so we likely also married those Irish Maguire. Hope you Armstrong will not hold that against us Elliott.

Search the Muster Rolls

When we were Ellot (spelling in c.1630 Ulster muster) on the borders, could we have married those English women.

Could you imagine marrying a Graham. Guess those Graham got better after their move to Ulster.

My own Y-DNA mapping showed a displacement from the Scottish Borders to the north in Scotland and to Ulster;


Population genetics – People of the British Isles PoBI

Douglas Earls of Angus brought Ellot from Angus to soldier fort, but at about 1500, land transferred to the Hepburn of Bothwell. Bothwell near Glasgow was also land own previous by Douglas.


Given a John M’Connell, listed below Robert Ellott, above; (PoBI genetic DNA study caught this)

Search the Muster Rolls

Even my Y-DNA as an Elliott shows a likely relation;

John Elwald 1418 Rector of St Andrews; Conn, McConnell, McCall DNA Kirkinner Carnesmole

In the above muster is listed John M’Connell (McConnell), which Y-DNA shows that my family of Ellott, in 1610, might share some Y-DNA, from an incident back in 1423, with a John Elwald brother to many great Robert Elwald, rector of Kirkandrews, where later in the next century the Grahams built a peel tower and it is still standing, of the parish of Whitethorne, of St Ninian, which converted those Picts to Christianity, yes the same one the pope came for on his Fiesta Day, and people displaying St Andrews cross on a flag, like Kirkandrews the church of St Andrews, before a Graham/Gaeme peel was built there.

Do not mind being descended from a notorious reiver, but just how did those McConnell, end up with my Y-DNA. And this John Elwald being a rector of St Andrews University, where Prince Williams attended, it is felt like I have to say my apologies for this incident to the McConnell, and they the McConnell, still living among those Ellott in 1610 in Tullyhogue, Ulster. Don’t anybody tell Alistair Moffat about this, the family will be in bad grace with St Andrews University. Those Moffat are allied to them Armstrong also.

Kirk Andrews obtained it’s name from an earlier church which once stood on the site, and John Elwald in 1423 was the rector of it.


County Tyrone Ireland Genealogy Research Official Website of the Since Tom Elliott you ran for office, in also South County Tyrone, you are likely knowledgeable about this excellent website, and the material above which Teena, has prepared. 

Muster Roll for Tullyhogue (Tullaghoge) 1610 Transcribed by Teena

National Library of Scotland also has an excellent research website;
Glendinning, Scotland, Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654 National Library of Scotland

Google maps is also an excellent resource;

The Old Schoolhouse – Glendinning Farm Cottages, Langholm, Scotland, UK

Glendenning, and Elliotts, Loren is my dad; south of Mt Ayr (Ayr, named for Robert Burns) Iowa, USA.

Tom Elliott, would you believe that the Glendinning of  County Tyrone, Ulster, are from Glendinning, Scotland. Therefore it is highly likely that the Glendenning, of Mt Ayr, Iowa, are from there also, and likely by way of County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland.  Since Glendenning and Elliott, Scotland share an R-L193, Y-DNA, do you not think Tom Elliott, they are some how related, and you also if you carry that R-L193 Y-DNA, are also related to them. Please do not carry that R-U106, Y-DNA, do not know if I want to be related to you or not.

So name Glendinning, Ulster, to Glendenning, Mt Ayr, USA.  Names evolve; Halywood, Dumfries, Scotland, to Holywood, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and to Hollywood, LA, California, USA, as they migrate.


Americans even the ones from Texas (border commit, since I am from New Mexico and we share about a 600mi/1,oookm border with Texas), like to return home to Ulster, and kind of concerned about our relations along those borders, like of Northern Ireland above half the length of our Texas-New Mexico Border, and our border is more than six times as longer than the Scottish Border.  Though they seem to make a fuss over the one which Texas and New Mexico, share with Old Mexico, an international border. Guess our hard border is between the US and Mexico, and the soft border is between Texas and New Mexico. Hope you all in Ireland can keep a border like that one, and not a hard border like we have with Mexico.

Family came over from Tullykelter on the Cromwellian Plan. Those dang McDaniel, people most likely influenced a good Scottish Andrew nicknamed Dan to become Daniel. Those McConnell, which I feel related to are relatives and of the 1610 Ulster Muster.

The British Parliamentary Cromwellian Plan which seem to meet their approval;

Tories the Germans use to laugh at the Jews being slaves, may be you can learn from the Germans about Brexit.

A solution to the Brexit – European Union problem for the Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston, of County Fermanagh.

Since you are of the Borders of Scotland, and do not really care which side of the border you live, have County Fermanagh become part of Ireland. My mother’s mother’s line is Ryan, and that is of Ireland. After all you wanted to stay in the European Union anyway. Why encourage England in another resettlement situation like Border Pacification. Tell England you are fed up with them, and become Ireland. After all Scotland did not vote free from England. Do not tell me that the Native Irish and Borderers haven’t been intermarrying anyway. I know better. County Fermanagh just become Ireland, then you will not have a border between you and Ireland. It will put the border at the proper locality between you and England. Presto Brexit-EU problem solved for County Fermanagh, Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston. 

Stick your border somewhere else, not between County Fermanagh, and the Irish Republic, or Liddesdale and England. Let someone else besides our family of Reivers put up with your dang border.

Us Armstrong and Elliott will listen to a Johnston of Ulster over those Cromwellian Parliamentarians;

Stick us Reivers with the EU-UK Border. Us Reivers of County Fermanagh had to deal with borders since Robert the Bruce, Declaration of Abroath.  Understand why we are loyal to are County Fermanagh families of Armstrong, Elliott and Johnston, not the EU, England, Scotland, Ulster, or Ireland. After seven centuries us Reivers are just feed up with Borders. Move the Border next to you not us Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston, and see if you would vote BREXIT. These are my family, we as reivers never claimed a kingdom. To you Brexit British do you not have some level of humanity?

Ulster, Northern Ireland, the Irish home of Neil Alden Armstrong.


German genealogy of Ulster, Border Reiver, Neil Alden Armstrong.

Deutsche Genealogie von Ulster, Border Reiver, Neil Alden Armstrong.

Two excellent sources for Neil Alden Armstrong genealogy and family history;

Reference for Neil Alden Armstrong’s early Armstrong history. Highly recognized by the Armstrong for their history;

“I REMAIN UNVANQUISHED!”, by William Stephenson

It is felt that I likely met Albert Bird Armstrong while researching the Salt City, Utah Later Day Saint, Family History Library. Could recall meeting an individual volunteer in a suit named badge surname Armstrong, which asked not if I was familiar with The Book of Mormon, but The Chronicles of the Armstrong, since I am Elliott.

Would assist dad Loren Spencer Elliott in his genealogical research. A shared hobby between father and son. Dad typed the above on onion skin paper.


(republication photo copy by: Clan Armstrong Trust, 1992)

A history renowned of for the people of Liddesdale and the surrounding region. Use by all that need a highly qualified record of documentation of border people for genealogical purposes, and would be an excellent source to utilized to research down Neil Alden Armstrong, surname line.

The History of Liddesdale…, Vol.1, By Robert Bruce Armstrong

Robert Bruce Armstrong at time known for;

The Irish and the Highland Harps


I’m Borderer

I’m Borderer and defending the Hermitage Castle; of the Middle March Clans; Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon, and Crozier.

Yes, the Bauld Buccleuch, Richard Scott is one of us.

Muirhall Hermitage Castle wind farm

9/15/2018 MSE

12/3/2018 MSE


“Schafdieb aus dem Norden Englands”: Die Riding Clans in Ulster von Robert Bell

Die Riding Clans in Ulster von Robert Bell pdf

9/29/2018 MSE

Borders National Park;

Neil Armstrong – in the Scottish Parliament on 25th October 2012.


National Parks in Scotland
Riccarton Tower-Canmore

Only if the a Scottish Minister is supporting peace on the Scottish Borders, they have already made it known of their support of a Scottish Borders National Park. Otherwise they are supporting desecration of the region called the Middle Shires by wind farms, where the feasibility of the region drops in it becoming a Scottish Borders Peace Park, joined with Northumberland National Park on the English side of the border.

Feasibility study for a proposed Scottish Borders National Park

Campaign for a Scottish Borders National Park

Neil Alden Armstrong Scottish Borders National Park 

Though likely would be shortened to Armstrong National Park, which would be inclusive of a people (Borderers) from both sides of the border.

Moon walker Neil Armstrong celebrated in Langholm, Scotland – The Guardian The most difficult place to be recognised is in one’s own home town, I consider this, now, my home town.

Would be a great name for it.

10/5/2018 MSE

Clan Nixon;

Will Trump Be Nixon in China? By ANDREW PRESTON June 11, 2018


Mom’s mom (the mtDNA line) is a RYAN, they are from southern Ireland. 

July 20, 1969, Nixon as president watches an Armstrong putting the first step on the moon.


Clan Crozier;

Clan CROZIER  Teespring Border Reiver tee shirts.





11/21/2018 MSE


What’s in a Name? Allegiance, for Border Reivers

Ancestry: Clans of plunderers operated between England and Scotland from the 14th to 17th centuries. Forebears of U.S. presidents may have been among them.

Reivers by Name; 
The 74 family names in surviving documents about the Border Reivers:

Archbold, Armstrong, Beattie, Bell, Burns, Carleton, Carlisle, Carnaby, Carrs, Carruthers, Chamberlain, Charlton, Charleton, Collingwood, Crisp, Croser, Crozier, Cuthbert, Dacre, Davison, Dixon, Dodd, Douglas, Dunne, Elliot, Fenwick, Forster, Graham, Gray, Hall, Hedley, Henderson, Heron, Hetherington, Hume, Irvine, Irving, Johnstone (Johnson), Kerr, Laidlaw, Little, Lowther, Maxwell, Milburn, Musgrove, Nixon, Noble, Ogle, Oliver, Potts, Pringle, Radcliffe, Reade, Ridley, Robson, Routledge, Rutherford, Salkeld, Scott, Selby, Shaftoe, Simpson, Storey, Tailor, Tait, Taylor, Trotter, Turnbull, Wake, Watson, Wilson, Woodrington, Yarrow, Young

What’s in a Name? Allegiance, for Border Reivers

Associated Press

First man on the moon Neil Armstrong in secret visit to Scotland.. to … › News › Scottish News
Oct 7, 2010 – Neil Armstrong was mission commander of the Apollo 11 mission in July … His ancestors came from Langholm in the Borders, and he was …

It should be noted that Prince William, and the Bauld Buccleuch, are descended from Charles II, which wife did not have any children, but is descended from Charles II, which my family fought for and Cromwell had my family transported as slaves to the American Colonies. Charles II, became Catholic on his death bed.

That today the Bauld Buccleuch; Richard Scott resides in Langholm, where the castle of the Armstrong is at, where Neil Alden Armstrong, ancestry starts, and where the Border Reivers including the Armstrong, Elliott, and Nixon of the Middle March, on side of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland.

Muirhall Hermitage Castle wind farm

12/22/2018 MSE

About Beyond Borders
Dedicated to facilitating dialogue and international cultural exchange between nations.

Beyond Borders Scotland is a not-for profit organisation, based in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders. The organisation aims to create a vibrant international platform within Scotland, to break down borders between peoples, and help facilitate wider international cultural exchange, dialogue and reconciliation. Beyond Borders works across several different mediums including literature, performing arts, visual arts, heritage, film, politics and dialogue.

Traquair House
Beyond Borders Scotland uses the idyllic Traquair House in the Scottish Borders as a retreat venue for our various projects and the host of our Beyond Borders International Festival of Literature and Thought.

From entering the Bear Gates, closed nearly 300 years ago and vowed never to be opened until a Stuart king returned, to seeing relics left by Mary Queen of Scots upon her visit in 1566, many pieces of Traquair detail the rich architecture of Scotland’s history.

If BEYOND BORDERS is not supporting a Scottish Borders National Peace Park, in conjunction with Northumberland National Park on the English side of the Border. This would be in support of the descendents of Border Reivers, which were in support of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Elliott Clan which home place is the Hermitage Castle and soldiered the castle at the time which Queen Mary visited.

For BEYOND BORDERS to show support internationally, and be qualified to do so they need to show peace by an England-Scotland Border Peace Park. Northumberland National Park is already on the English side, a Scottish Borders National Park is needed for the Scottish side, to make any words coming from BEYOND BORDERS relevant to action like a Border Reiver in the historical past, and their ancestors of this border still have.

1/14/2018 MSE

If; BEYOND BORDERS, can not form a National Peace Park of Scotland and England on it’s own border, then is has no relevancy in any peace process elsewhere. 

Peace comes to ones own border first before it can be applied elsewhere.

This includes the border between Old Mexico, and New Mexico, USA. Like the border between Ulster, and Ireland, is being determined by a united government of the United Kingdom, the border between New and Old Mexico is being determined by a united government of the United States, of America. So Ulster or New Mexico, are bestowed the type of border they have from a united government.

It has been over a hundred years ago since Poncho, Villa, attacked New Mexico, USA, in the Battle of Columbus, New Mexico in 1916. 1/28/2019 MSE


1/19/2018 MSE

Hopsrig gets Scottish appeal lift-off

Buccleuch Energy wins right to build 42MW project in Dumfries and Galloway
29 January 2019

Scottish ministers have given the green light to Buccleuch Energy’s 42MW Hopsrig wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway.

BBC-Wind farm near Langholm approved on appeal 29 January 2019

A council’s refusal of a wind farm described as “overly prominent and overwhelming” by officials has been overturned on appeal.

As expected; the Scottish Government, is enslaved by the wind farm industry and does not follow the wishes of it’s constituency.

1/30/2019 MSE


Muirhall Energy Ltd, is a Scottish firm regulated by the Scottish Ministerial Government.

A government that supersedes the wishes if it’s constituency is a despotic government.

Lets see if Brexit is created against the wishes of it’s people with a hard border, which in the past was noted for conflict. If so it will identify the UK as an English Kingdom which governs against the wishes of Ulster-Northern Ireland, and not Scotland because it is a pawn a puppet government of England, installing wind farms where they are not wanted and desecrating the lands of people which they genocide in the borderlands, and today do not have a saying about the ancestral land they had to move off of or be killed if they stayed upon it. The hard border is to be placed around these border family pushed off the Scottish-English border, where they now live in County Fermanagh, Ulster, Northern Ireland.

To ancestors of border reivers how does the Union Jack, differ from the Swastika Flag?

1/3/2019 MSE

Germany lost WWII, and has parks of peace for people they genocide. The Border Reivers supported Catholic, Mary Queen of Scots, which was beheaded, and son James, taken raised by the Scottish Protestants. When Queen Elizabeth of England died leaving no heir to the English throne, James VI king of Scotland, became also became James I of England, and utilized the English army to exterminate the Border Reivers which acted as the Scottish army. This was a genocide of those on the Scottish side of the Borders. The Kingdom became United, as symbolized by their flag the Union Jack. Since they are the winners, the Scottish Government as with the Scottish Kingdom is now of England, and acts in a fashion of the English army to genocide the archaeological history, by having a wind farm place next to a castle my ancestors for the grain (support) of Martin Ellot (Angus-Scots spelling), brother to Robert of Redheugh-Larriston, soldiered for James Bothwell and Mary Queen of Scots. The English winners get to persist with their genocide of the sacred lands of my ancestors, by industrializing going out of there way to place a wind farm next to The Hermitage Castle on a land which even James VI of Scotland as James I of England thought should be preserved for peace as a Middle Shires.

2/1/2019 MSE


22/2019 MSE

Why the Irish border is a big deal in Scotland
By John Campbell & Stuart Nicolson
BBC News – 16 November 2018

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, is strongly opposed to Brexit – and the country voted by 62% to 38% to remain in the EU.

She has argued that if the whole of the UK cannot remain in the single market and customs union after Brexit, then a deal should be struck that allows Scotland to do so.

The UK government is now having to explain why it was impossible to make Scotland a special case – while at the same time agreeing separate arrangements for Northern Ireland.

It points out that Northern Ireland shares a physical border with the EU, which Scotland does not, and says the backstop is needed to protect the Good Friday peace agreement.

But Ms Sturgeon says the backstop would give Northern Ireland a competitive advantage by offering businesses easier access to the single market, which she fears would have a “devastating” impact on Scottish jobs and investment.

Conservative critics of the backstop believe it is a political gift for Ms Sturgeon, who they fear will use it to spearhead a fresh drive for Scottish independence.

When he resigned as the UK government’s Brexit secretary on Thursday, Dominic Raab said the backstop was a “very real threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom”.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell and Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson are also under pressure after previously warning the prime minister they could not back any deal that “delivers a differentiated settlement for Northern Ireland”.


The Army of Scotland, the Middle March Clans, Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon and Crozier, are having to defend the Middle Shires from Unionist Cromwellian, Middle Shires government which is always trying to genocide us, and now our basic history. Scotland is definitely of this genocidal union, unless it’s government, began to make peace on it’s own border, it does not have the ability to make peace on the Border of County Fermanagh, where the Armstrong, Elliott, and Nixon were moved to or other wised hang. This is the army which supported Mary Queen of Scots, Catholic, and as Scottish Royalist Charles II, who was Anglican, but of Catholic persuasion. My Clan with their 29th chief, Margaret Eliott of Redhuegh, just south of The Hermitage Castle are having to defend their home place The Hermitage Castle from Scotland.

The Army of Scotland has always defended their Borderlands, before they would they would begin to defend Scottish kingdom. They were there for Robert the Bruce, The Douglas, and Queen Mary of Scots. They were genocide by James taken by the Protestants, from his mother who was Catholic. James was supported by the Scott, and Ker gentry. The families of border Reivers supported Catholic Queen Mary of Scots, and ended in County Fermanagh, on what is to be the EU-Brexit Border. Do not know whether Scotland is a Unionist State which still supports the genocide of those families on the borderlands, as they are doing by placing a wind farm next to The Hermitage Castle. Words mean nothing to us. If you want to add another 1,000 words to the Archbishop of Glasgow’s curse please do so.

We need this region protected from wind farms as it is meant to be as a Middle Shires, a region of peace between two kingdoms which once fought, and brought us Reivers into there fights.

2/21/2019 MSE

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the Debateable Land: By Robert Bruce Armstrong, Volume 1 Robert Bruce Armstrong published by D. Douglas, 1883 Page i

(In video a 1992 photo copy by the Clan Armstrong Trust on Armstrong History is use.) Now as one can see in public domain of Google Books.

3/16/2018 MSE

3/29/2019 MSE

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