Crozier Motto

(cross is the key)

(French; la Croix est la clé )

Crozier motto

Crux coelorum, crux mihi clavis erit.

1.(Cross of heaven, for me; the keys of heaven.)
2.(Heavens above, the cross will be the key for me.)

Crozier’s General Armory: A Registry of American
Families Entitled to Coat Armor William Armstrong
Crozier Genealogical association, 1904 page 45.
Bulletin d’archéologie et de statistique de la Drôme, Volumes 23-24 1889 – Dauphiné (France) Dictionnaire Des
Devises Dauphiné page 505 122.–Crux coelorum, crux
mihi clavis erit (Croix des cieux, pour moi clefs du ciel)
De Crozat.

Anthony du Crozat (Crosset), a French Huguenot is a refugee to Ireland 1591.

Crozier Arms and Motto

From New Zealand;

In Scottish “Elliot” surname retention, Ireland (likely Ulster), then onto New Zealand and Canada for the high numbers;


Clan Crozier

Diligentia fortior, or “stronger by diligence”.

The motto above did not seem to fit the Crozier, but was shorter, and that was good. It seem that the motto above needed the key concept in a less maybe conflicting manner.

Crux coelorum, crux mihi clavis erit.


1.(Cross of heaven, for me; the keys of heaven.)
2.(Heavens above, the cross will be the key for me.)

With dual meanings seemed confusing, so simplified to;

CRUX ENIM CLAVIS  (cross is the key)

Could fit on a clan belt design,


of crossed keys;


Crossed Keys as a symbol of Reconciliation

Also in the form of the Cross of St Andrews, of the Scottish flag.

Or a key which is a cross;


My bias is the keys in the form of St Andrews Cross, indicating reconciliation, and the motto;

(cross is the key)

It takes time to get things proper, but if someone could provide a design for the badge free for all Crozier it would be greatly appreciated.

Attach an email to; Mark Elliott; [email protected]

It may help to realize the shield form Robert Bruce Armstrong’s book on the History of Liddesdale, and its region;


Has crosses (St Andrews) similar to crossed keys, and guess crows for Crowsar (Crozier).

Though of the Religious Society of Friends do not favor a cross. Wm Penn’s book “No Cross, No Crown”. The name Crozier, easily evolved from Crosier, with cross as the basis. Likely the Crozier name origin came from name locality of Le Cros in southern France, previous to The Reformation. The Christain Church, and for a respect to the French the Americans, as opposed to the Scottish influence by the English with a name like Crozier likely of Le Cros, a cross it is felt should be on the arms and in the motto, though I may not care for crosses, and others may not care for the French it is felt that the French influence should show. After all if New Zealand does not have any French origin, I can assure you  Canada and the USA does.

With heaven and cross in the moto it shows the pre-Reforamation sustainability of a clan once vanquished, and gives the motto a sense of tradition to the name of Crozier, and all the earlier variants it was derived from.

Need viable reference which surpasses that of William Armstrong Crozier

Crozier is censored from English Wikipedia

Crozier Censored

MSE  2/8/2016

A badge design for Clan Crozier;


cross is the key


MSE   3/18/2016

c. 1630 Ulster muster;

Search the Muster Rolls

2/3/2019 MSE

4 Comments on “Crozier Motto

  1. I have been reading much on Clan Crozier Website. I have been looking at Crozier History for more than 40 years, and much on this site is information gathered.

    It however has been well mixed up. The Bedfordshire Croziers, The Croziers of Redworth, The Croziers of Banbridge and some of Fermanagh were never Scottish Crozier, The Croziers of Yorkshire and of East Anglia again were never Scottish Crozier.

    But in the website they are all lumped as if they were part of The Scottish Clan.

    However it also states a bit about Le Gros, well that again was the name and he was Douglas Family.

    Please before publishing again if you would like my imput into the true historicial facts, please contact me;

    • Hello William
      I would be interested to learn about the Fermanagh Croziers. Have you any information about them?

      • Need to do something in providing more family genealogical history on the Crozier of Fermanagh. Finding that the name Crozier is likely more recent then people thing. Do genealogy so if I have a line, and people are searching to find relatives hopefully I can provide not an Fermanagh, but and Ulster aspect to genealogical information since it is likely the stepping stone for most coming from Scotland. Link above is of the RJ Hunter collection, a may-likely not have found all the variant muster names on link. You may what to yourself try variant spellings of Crozier.

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