Crozier Question

Ally or Sept?

The  Crozier  have decisions to make.

The first of is a Crozier-Armstrong decision. This will separate the Crozier from that of the Elliot, which being from Gorrenberry and not Redheugh, find it most appreciative.

On this I am rooting for Canada, and the Canadians, need to give the old Canadian try. The Armstrong and Crozier need to decide.

Rooting for Canada. Have relatives in Alberta;


Avis and Harold Edney, May 1958, Alberta, Canada (children; second cousins).


and father-in-law tough us westerns consider the east another country was from Toronto.  Someone a twenty-six year old  geology background, got me started on this, a KCrozier of Manitoba.  Could identify with the individual having worked as a mining engineer and acted as a gealogist for a gypsum company, and went into this genealogy, with interest from dad and decided to improve my writing skills by chasing down my Y-DNA line.

The Nova Scotia geologist had a Scottish surname of Campbell, and worked out of corp, in North Carolina. A Nova Scotia beginning  mining engineer, worked in Nova Scotia, had a friend-college which I converse a mine engineer for a mine in Grand Cache, Alberta, Canada, we both knew of this young gypsum mining engineer dying in a vehicle accident.  Upon, leaving Canada by the Calgary airport, the US border agent question my credentials, and I asked “gee, do I get to stay”, and she was not going to allow me to me to stay. So, I had to leave Canada.

O Canada;

O Canada Crozier distribution (1) O Canada Crozier distribution (2)

Though area wise Saskatchewan, is much larger than Nova Scotia, in population they are close to the same.

O Canada Crozier distribution (3)

Name not necessary DNA traveled from Le Cros, France, on to Liddesdale Scotland, then Fermanagh/Armagh Ulster, Ireland, then onto Saskatchewan, Canada;

Crozier – Armstrong Question;

Clan Crozier (crosier,  cros, etc.) allied to the Armstrongs, Ellots, and Nixons.  As Clan Armstrong is armigerous without chief.

Ally or Sept?

MSE 2/7/2016

Establish a Tartan, therefore a clan.

Having a clan as the Armstrong say the Crozier are an ally.

History has established the Crozier as an allied clan to the Armstrong and Ellot. Clan Crozier, was never a sept of Clan Armstrong, but a vanquished clan. With aristocratic ideologies, displacing the Crozier from Scottish Borders then to Ulster, next the Plantations of America Canada and the United States, then other Plantations of the South Pacific; Australia, and New Zealand (deprived of the French), and others around the world. Where the sun never sets on The English Empire.

Of New Zealand, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba, Canada.

establishing Clan & Tartan

Clan Crozier New Zealand NZ link;

Clan Crozier (crosier, croser, etc.) is one of the border reiving clans of Scotland, along with theArmstrongs, Elliots, and Nixons.

At least New Zealand you have lighten the colors (colours) on the Scottish registered tartan where I feel they appear better, showing the blue which most border tartans have, including the Armstrong and Ellot. It also has an Armstrong green, with an Ellot red.

Good choice New Zealand we all need to lighten.

Image result for clan crozier

MSE 2/21/2016

Canadian Armstrong-Crozier comparison.


NA - Armstrong


O Canada Crozier distribution (2)

MSE   2/11/2016

Hope you people of Canada, Nova Scotia, and the west, can figure this one out.

All I was doing when I wrote the Clan Crozier article, kept the first article, and gave an Armstrong answer, then proceed with correction, and cuts on the external reference for a 26 year old K Crozier, with geology experience from Manitoba.

It is not like I myself when I worked in the gypsum industry, wasn’t mentored by a geologist from Nova Scotia; I was.

With father-in-law (deceased) from Toronto, Nova Scotia is a place my wife and I look foreword to revisiting;

Nova Scotia, PEI, and Northumberland Strait

Clan Crozier-Nova Scotia NS link;

Through the years, some moved northward to the southern areas of Scotland where they became established as a Border Clan. According to Scots Kith and Kin, Clan Crozier was in Liddesdale in the 14th Century. It is a sept of Clan Armstrong.

MSE 2/12/2016

Crozier Statistics;

Crozier Stats

Top countries New Zealand, Canada above 80 FPM, Australia,  United Kingdom above 70 FPM.

MSE 2/12/2016


NM answer to NS & NZ;

NM Crosier sheild

MSE 2/14/2016

Being a descendant of Clementis Hob, in today’s language; Robert Elliott is adopted by his uncle living in Stobs, Scotland, Clement Crozier.  So this makes me a Crozier.

I think since the Crozier of NS and NZ, I of NM have the answer, we will go with the Spainish and the Nation of the Pueblo of Zia.

Sign of the Zia;


Is on the flag of the state of New Mexico, USA;


and, the colors (colours) come from the flag of Spain;


That’s the solution for Nova Scotia (New Scotland; NS), and New Zealand (New Sealand? NS also), to go with Spain and the Pueblo of Zia instead of France and their  fleur de lis for the Arms of the Crozier.

Mark S. Elliott   2/16/2016

Yes, to the Zia, and the zia;

Like Zia and Zealand are both partial to the “Z”.

yes zia

No, to those French and the fleur de lis.

no fleur de lis

MSE  2/16/2016

3 Comments on “Crozier Question

  1. Hi,
    I am Roger Crozier! I have studied some genealogy on the crozier origins. it seems to start all in France with the guard of the bishop in France. Thugs from the king of England tried to kill him so this guard took the staff from the bishop and defended the bishop. the thugs were trying to kill the bishop and were thwarted and chased away by the guard. the king of England did not want to be associated with this attack so he went to France and knighted this guard “Sir Crozier” after the name of the bishops staff! So I have been told…. I cannot verify this currently. Thanks. Aloha.

  2. Hello Roger, my name is Kerry Grozier living in Canada, if you have not already I would encourage you to read the Steel Bonnets. I have delved into some of the history but only grazed the surface. My grandad came from Liddesdale, but his name was spelled with a G. Never been to the old country but it amazes me that we would have all the variations of name origin Croyser in one place at the same time. Makes no sense that they could screw up the spellings so many times unless the intent was to deceive.

    • Pleased with comment. Name has various spellings at various times. The Crozier, seems to be the latest most used, but Crosier, and Grozier are also needed. The first meanings stem from the cross, crusader or cross-crusader, Croyser similar to Saxon Crowland-Croyland Lincolnshire, once Island in the Fens. In the name variants there historically is a ‘G’ and ‘C’ exchange such as ‘Gros’, and ‘Cros’, and ‘Grozier’, and ‘Crozier’. The Crozier, arch-bishop’s shepherds cane to hook a sheep, and herd and lead a congregation flock is rather a new usage. That is why in order to keep the ‘cross’ alive as a foundation name I wanted to see it brought for in the motto; ‘Crux Enim Clavis’ have the Latin show the English with ‘the cross is the key’.

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