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Albert Bird Armstrong Jr.
30 May 1900
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
22 Jan 1973 (aged 72)
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Redwood Memorial Cemetery
West Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
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In lieu of flowers the family suggests contributions to the Armstrong surname genealogical organization. Funeral directors, Deseret Mortuary.
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In Pennsylvania, Catholics hold a majority in the US Government, as State based on the concept of religious freedoms. In Des Moines, Iowa that Catholics south of Grand on the east side of 42nd Street, park in the parking lot of the Quakers on the west side. Though Charles II became Catholic on his death bed, my brother married to a Doyle refused to. Wife’s family were Catholic, she was raised Methodist. My family as Anglican fought against Cromwell on the side of the Catholics. The Catholics and Anglicans intermarried in Co Fermanagh, Ireland, but urbanized Catholics and Presbyterians, which I refer to as the Mc-Mac have brought their battlefield to the Irish Border and could very easily do so in the future. Am of the Middle March Clans, Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon, and Crozier, we were the ones which stood up for Queen Marie Stuart, The Queen of Scots, who was behead by Elizabeth I to keep England Protestant, plus her child James was taken by the Scottish Protestants which may make the EU-UK border another battlefield. Of the Border Reiver Pagans who are after extermination off the English-Scottish Border or exiled to Maguire-Fermanagh Co, Ireland though wants peace it still can become a UK battlefield.

Could the Catholic Church ask Rev William Nolan Archbishop of Glasgow, to extend his curse upon use Reivers of the Middle March, they Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon, and Crozier (the staff St. Patrick used to chase snakes out of Ireland). Since President Richard M. Nixon (raised Quaker), was noted to be the biggest liar, I am trying to top him since he pulled the troops out of Vietnam and opened trade to China, and many other things towards peace. It would be with great honor if I can top him among the Catholics of today as being a greater liar. May be as quarter of the world listen when Nixon talk to an Amstrong on the moon about peace on earth, maybe instead of calling us liars, they may want to believe in the Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon and Crozier, which support peace on the border, a on the border which they intermarried the Catholics, the EU-UK border. Sincerely, Mark Stephen Elliott

How King Charles II’s line made it back into the Royal Family – History of Royal Women

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Заговор был сформирован Эллиотом из Редхью и другими, чтобы убить Баклюха.

A plot was formed by Elliot of Redheugh and others to assassinate Buccleuch.

Занимался генеалогией, когда отец вождей сэр Артур Элиотт из Стобса и его мать из Алантика, штат Джорджия, США занимались генеалогией семьи Редхью. Маргарет, единственный ребенок, является первой женщиной-вождем из длинной линии из 28 мужчин-вождей.

Итак, ее отец и я, наши предки Y-ДНК, вероятно, были свидетелями, Роберт Элвальд 10, который пришел Эллиот из региона Хавик, переход земли от Арчибальда «Белла Кота» Дугласа к десятому вождю Роберту Эльвальду из Редхью, вместе с землями Ларристона. Buccleuch, который имеет генетический разрыв в линии Скотта во времена Карла II. Принц Уэльский и герцог Баклюх, у них не было сыновей, чтобы пройти по линии, как у Эллиотта с Маргарет.

Вождь – это семья, Маргарет – лучшее, что я могу считать, что мой двадцать седьмой двоюродный брат дважды удален. Как вы можете видеть, Баклюх до Пограничного умиротворения пытается сказать, что Эллиоты не претендуют на Редхью, вместе с шотландским правительством, пытающимся построить ветряную электростанцию рядом с замком Эрмитаж, родиной клана Эллиот.

«К югу от замка находится поместье Лангхольм, часть поместья Баклюх, которое выдвигает возражения. Загрязнять ландшафтный фон замка со всей его силой, чтобы вызвать историю и наследие шотландских границ, было бы не чем иным, как вандализмом», — подчеркивает герцог Баклюх.

Битва ветряных электростанций над шотландским замком – Country Life

Когда Нил Олден Армстронг приехал в Шотландию в 1972 году, он признал Лангхольм своим родным городом.

Когда такие корпорации, как Google, получают корпоративную прибыль, основываясь на рекламе ДНК семьи.
Древо и ДНК генеалогического древа на Y-ДНК и мтДНК, национальное государство, которое развевается под флагом англо-шотландской границы в середине марта Армстронг, Эллиотт, Никсон и Крозье, сосланные в графство Фермана, Ирландия, или истребление , и правительство тори началось с диктатора Кромвеля, который истребил ирландцев, как Гитлер истребил евреев, что касается шотландско-ирландских американцев, что делает MyDNA Австралии бесполезным ресурсом.

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Though do keep in contact with a first cousin in New York, the people which are new to genealogy are the lucky ones which get to share information with families. People share in puzzling together their family among their respective families. Then pieces these leaves get turned into branches to a trunk.

Some of the techniques I used over the years. If someone refers to someone as a liar they are a beginning genealogist. If someone seems to not like me they are likely a relative. Though how odd it may seem try to get some sense out of what the opposite sex is thinking about family. Realizing by my one prejudices, is the way I find, and may not find family.

With the Russians, Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott, is brought forth to me by Russians, on the Ivanhoe, Jewish project, which to me is a big key in my research. Dad, said engineers built bridges for others to cross. To do genealogy information needs to be acquired outside oneself, by piecing oneself together from various resources. There are numerous people working on this project, and for those Russians, and Sir Walter Scott, which Scott do carry that J-M172 DNA SNP, which both the Arabs, and Jews take an interest in and is found on the Scottish side of the English-Scottish border, and Ulster Ireland with the Montgomery (French-Hebrew). Scott is a name which means Gaelic Scott speaker, but not of the Gaelic Catholic Scottish speaking part of Scotland, like Donald Trumps mom a Mac, not Mc, but a MacLeod, who plays golf and built a golf course, where the MacLeod Catholics moved to to become McLeod. He did not like a wind farm put in the sea behind his golf course. He compared it to Saint Andrews, but it is new construction.

Supporting the Duke of Buccleuch in the protection of the home place of Clan Elliot, the Hermitage Castle which it is as old as Saint Andrews golf course. Elliot soldiered the castle for Marie Stuart Queen of Scots third husband James Hepburn, a Northumberland name but called Boswell of once was once an Archibald Douglas land near Glasgow. The Buccleuch Scott (now Estates) acquired lands from the Douglas, the Elliot acquired the lands of Redheugh and Larriston, from Archibald ‘Bell the Cat’ Douglas in the later part of the fifteenth century.

Today’s chieftain line married into the Scotts of Hardin became aristocratic. The present chief is not aristocratic, Margaret, but her dad Sir Arthur Eliott of Stobs, purchased back Redheugh, and Margaret is of Redheugh. The Buccleuch and Redheugh line previous to Border Pacification wanted to kill each other off. Buccleuch question the ownership of Redheugh by them. The line which I am off was there to witness this transaction, plus the Ker of Ferniehirst and Cessford, which feud.

After my DNA was in America, George Fox, went to the House of Harden and from the house a person which became a Quaker, was imprisoned in Edinburgh. The Russians one of the English writings which was translated into Russian is Ivanhoe. Being a pitch-in person, I join in on the Armstrong, with Gilnockie it is known to get us Elliot hung. Billhope to the west of Gorrenberry was owned by a Thomas Armstrong of Mangerton 1540 tax assessment, older brother of Johnnie Armstrong (English) Armstrang (Scottish; surname Strong is of England, where the surname Strang is of Scotland), known as Gilnockie. Just trying to be a good neighbor to those Armstrong of Billhope.

When the Russians could identify today’s Western Ukraine Galician Jews, by referring Ivanhoe a Saxon have a relation with a Jew, in the Sir Walter Scott book Ivanhoe. Family was out there on the border of England and Scotland before there was a border. Then Anglo-Danish Northumbria, of Saxon name Thorsliehope, (Thor Norse God of Thunder, lee/lea leaward side, hope valley) a Nordic name for the English name Thunder Valley. The Crozier-Elliot of R-L193 Glendenning region of Scotland migrating into Co Fermanagh, EU-UK border are from here. From one border to another because Armstrong-Elliott-Nixon-Crozier seem to always come from the wrong side of the border. We would have been lucky if one of those Jews would marry us pagans, so we found those nice Gaelic speaking Scots-Irish to marry.

Engineers build bridges for others to cross. Jews have a long recorded history which stems from the the Arabs. Unlike the Russian which goes left to right and other languages towards their west, both the Arabic and Hebrew go right to left so they are as recorded related. Families fight.

Though Bennett Greenspan’s family is Galician Jew, and my family is Austria-Hungarian German Catholic, which could have evolved from the Jews, we have a connection. Besides he names his son Elliott Daniel Greenspan, and I am of the Daniel Elliott Cluster FTDNA and 23andMe R-S16361>YSEQ A6719. With likely assistance of his Brazilian aeronautical engineer (like Armstrong), he has built a bridge for others to cross over. They have built a bridge for my Y-DNA to cross, and I feel quite honored, to be the one which can puzzle together a greater piece though how minute of a genealogical puzzle. To Bennett and myself we are family genealogists, excepting in my case like the Y-DNA the genealogy is passed down by dad who was a twin. Have a twin, and only child, a very strong family historian on a greater piece of the Elliott family she is Margaret Eliott of Redheugh chief 29, friends with Elizabeth wife of the Duke of Buccleuch, and cousin to Prince of Wales the next Stuart which will be on the throne of England, though R-L21 Y-DNA and Charles II, which my line fought for to be placed on the throne but were sent as indentured slaves (Robert and Daniel) to America.

Though Donald Trump has a good head of hair, and Vladimir Putin does not have much hair, given their appearance in the American media makes you want to become Russian. Donald got some of his hair genes from his mother which had red hair, and should I admit it she was a native Gaelic speaker the type clans Armstrong and Elliott would marry in Ireland. If a presidential canidate gets friendly with those Russians, it seems this can make them loose the American election.

Mormons do not pay ransom, that is what kidnappers of Mormon missionaries found out. Corporations will pay on ransomware,  off course Russia is easy to blame though Americans are likely doing it to Russian companies also.

It is diversity with browsers and search engines plus sharing findings with others in your families which will keep this world from linear thinking of past dictatoships.

Could you imagine a Chinese Oil Company reacting because I put in “Quaker State”, but like the Russians know I am a Quaker we do still exist.


When you are sharing a lot of information, things can be taken the incorrect way. At least doing genealogy those Russians are helping out. Though I am feeling quite odd since they translate into English having to translate it back into Russian. Chief’s line her father was a Sir Arthur Eliott of Stobs, she is a because her dad purchased back our lands of Redheugh, the first lady chief Margaret of Redheugh, which the Buccleuch the Sir Walter Scott, wanted to insure the Stobs line became aristocratic. There was an alteration in the line, from Redheugh, with it becoming aristocratic Stobs.

The line I am of is pitch-in and follow those Armstrong, though it may get you hung with them, I do not know any better. Ivanhoe is a novel of aristocrats so I stayed away from it until those dang Russians brought it up. See they translate the novel Ivanhoe into Russian, and the Russians read it, then the Russians communicate to me the basic story of this Jewish group which happens to be of locality of the founder of Family Tree DNA, which creates the firm because of his hobby which is my hobby also, Bennett Greenspan. I’m of this Daniel Elliott cluster, he names his son Elliott Daniel Greenspan.

My nephew named his son Abraham Robert Elliott. Robert after my brother Robert, but there is a Robert. It was an American Jew Robert Oppenheimer (Oppenheim, Germany, near Frankfurt) of Berkeley married someone affiliated with the Communist Party during the thirties. Rode horses not western but English, on boys Ranch with Ernest Lawrence Lr which developed the cyclotron which could make not Pluto but Plutonium. They can emulated a small nuclear explosion with ANFO fertilizer and diesel fuel, as found out near Huston, Texas City disaster. The language of science is math, and it took a diverse collection of scientists a lot were Jewish of main language basis to produce such an item. Anyone who thinks they can keep science a secret are not scientists. The world knows the information once shared. The Woz, if he was from Brazil he would be The Wos ‘Polish’, with Bill Gates’ BASIC engineered a machine which BASIC was not punched into paper but can be seen on the screen the ‘Apple Computer’, as hobbies electronic engineer. Shuttles can blow-up if you do not believe the engineer, and this has happened. Those who thing there is only one answer and silence others are not scientists, or family searchers. It is when people pitch-in a puzzle things out when you have genealogical family history found but this can offend the silencers of nation state history, because they may not be as willing to change so use calling people liars and silencing. Felt I could change the model by owning and operation of websites. The browsers since I do not advertise may steer people away, but the genealogical scientist will utilize many browsers and share screen shots with others to get the family genealogy correct. Figure if journalists think they are engineers, certainly engineers can become journalists. Feel they would a least get the story correct.

It should be noted that the computer is felt to pick-up “Quaker State”, which I used to indicate that the individual was from Pennsylvania where the Quakers of William Penn, Penn’s woods, Pennsylvania.

‘Penn’ means rounded hills, and ‘sylvainia’, refers to forest-woods. So Pennsylvania is a land of rounded forested hills. Oil was first found in region. It is likely the words ‘Quaker State’, which guided a Chinese Oil Company to publish something I wrote requiring advertisement.

The Russians seem to get this one correct also, they knew I was a member of the Religious Society of Friends, of George Fox which went into Scotland and converted an member of the Scot family of Harden which the Eliott of Stobs married into, to a Quaker then was imprisoned in Edinburgh.

It is not so bad being kicked out of Family Tree DNA.

Grünspan/Greenspan, is not a compound word like Grünfeld/Greenfield, Grünwald/Greenwood, Grünberg/Greenmount. Grünspan is more like a color of copper oxidizing, therefore Grünspan from the German it translates into Russian Медянка. The Ukrainian language excepted the proportion my Barna (Hungarian for Brown), Greek Catholic Austria-Hungarian (German) are refugees from like many of the Ivanhoe Jews are. Feel that the founder of Family Tree DNA may be one of these Ivanhoe Jews. After all he named his son Elliott Daniel, and the Scott along with the Montgomery have a lot of J-M172. With the Greenspan, I get off lucky, they are J-M267 means he has to deal with the English side of the Anglo-Scottish Border, those Graham, of Ancient Hadrian’s Wall J-M172. After all Alexander Bell adopted the name Graham, and the Graham and Bell use to feud across the border. Would those Romans send Jews to soldier that Hadrian’s Wall would be a question to ask.

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The DNA Pedigree Chart – Mining for Ancestors

Share some DNA with this crazy guy, which flew a kite in a rain storm to catch lightining in a jar. They named the State of Franklin after him. Became Washington County, TN, were wife with middle name Roberta is from. Guess those East Tennessee people must like the name Roberta.

Feel likely related to this John Hammer from from there. Not granddad Mark (no middle name) Elliott, his son my father Loren Spencer Elliott said he rejected the name on his birth certificate. Do not want to offend someone who worked with Family Tree, so will not disclose that name.

State of Franklin Era Documents Haws, Jacob vs. John Hammer



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Проект Айвенго;

For dad, a Watershed Planning Engineer Soil Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture for the State of Iowa, family historian, and duplicate bridge player;

Britain and Ireland SNP & Surname Mapper (

Хочу поблагодарить россиянина за помощь в этом. FTDNA исключила меня из разговоров по-английски в своих блогах. С моим опытом эта проверка грамматики в переводчике, вероятно, улучшит мое общение.
Обнаружил, что я избегал знаний об Айвенго из-за Вальтера Скотта, и аристократия была покрыта. Семья Горренберри, в 1607 году была изгнана из королевств Англии и Шотландии, Там, где Скотты из семьи Вальтер Скоттов поддерживали семью Маргарет Элиотт, они жили к северу от границы и хотели, чтобы они стали аристократами. Отец сэр Артур Элиотт из линии Стобс купил землю Редхью, для дочери 29-го вождя Маргарет, землю, которую мы получили от Арчибальда «Белла Кота» Дугласа 5-го графа Ангуса, позже в 15-м веке. Земли перешли к Баклюху из линии сэра Вальтера Скотта.

Герцог Баклюх и Нил Армстронг утверждают, что Лангхольм на Эске является их родным городом. Армстронг, Эллиотт, Никсон и Крозье поддерживали французскую католичку Марию Стюарт Французскую, королеву Шотландии. Она была моложе первой королевы Англии Елизаветы и, вероятно, пережила бы ее, но Елизавета обезглавила ее, поэтому в Англии не было бы католической королевы на троне. У Елизаветы не было детей, но у Марии Стюарт был сын, взятый пресвитерианами. Когда Елизавета умерла, ее сын Джеймс стал королем обоих королевств, это было истребление и казнь Армстронга, Эллиотта, Никсона и Крозье, из шотландских кланов Среднего марта, многие переехали в Ольстерскую Ирландию, а не на границе Великобритании и ЕС, и вступили в брак с ирландским Магуайром и Макманусом. Кромвель стал диктатором и уничтожил сотни ирландцев. Мы поддерживали ирландцев, и мой предок стал рабом пуритан, которые основали Гарвард, которые вешали людей как ведьм, чтобы заставить их замолчать. Эти люди, которые заставляют меня замолчать, имеют природу Кромвеля-короля Джеймса для ДНК генеалогического древа. Ученые-генетики, генеалоги-семейные историки, для того чтобы это было правильно сделано, люди говорят свободно, а один из членов семьи знает семью лучше всех, поэтому информация делится между семьями, чтобы найти семейную историю. ДНК является одним из многих инструментов, доступных семейному исследователю.

Следует отметить, что принц Уэльский (Стюарт, вероятно, рядом с престолом Англии) и герцог Баклюх, происходящий из семьи сэра Вальтера Скотта, происходят от Карла II, который был королем Стюартов на троне. Армстронг, Эллиотт, Никсон и Крозье у них нет лидеров, потому что, когда подразумевалось лидерство, монархия повесила бы их. Мы племена, это различия, которые важны, и мы гордимся ими. Епископ Данбар проклял нас, но мы, Армстронг, Эллиотт, Никсон и Крозье, думали, что нас хвалят. Все желающие могут внести свой вклад, но не критиковать.

Some people may have been raised as Arabic, or Mormon, two religions with non-drinking. Their family my rebel by drinking, but alcohol could still have an effect on them, so they may reassociate to a belief that does not drink. The Mormons and Arabs are a welcome part of our community of Gallup, New Mexico, USA.

To search out individuals the behavior on individuals is needed, though nation state historians may have a tendency to do group searching.

History Liddesdale bRobert Bruce Armstrong 1881 Clan Armstrong Trust reprint 1992

Chronicles of the Armstrongs ed by Armstrong, James Lewis MD

100th (


Cromwell likely used Irish to drain the Fens (Fenlands).


Though I utilize; LivingDNA, MyHeritage, Ancestry, 23andMe, GedMatch, in the past have utilized WikiTree and FTDNA. Was kicked off WikiTree, they feel that a retired math-science-computer instructor second generation genealogists, of and established known genealogist, is not truthful. Family Tree DNA has taken me off also. Unlike WikiTree which is free and does not do DNA testing, not able to utilize my date in comparison to others; LivingDNA, MyHeritage, Ancestry, 23andMe. Been utilizing YSEQ, for DNA testing, as verification of Family Tree DNA, for mtDNA, and Y-DNA. For SNP, FTDNA went down as far as R-S16361, 23andMe obtained the same results, but with YSEQ I was able to go down the R-S16361 two more steps. R1b-U106>….>S16361>A6719>A6722.

Family Tree DNA though the product is purchased by you, it should be noted that they do take the product away from their buyers and consumers, and for some Y-DNA SNP they may not have advanced their test levels below what 23andMe are able to obtain.

Though autosomally, it is a sports-bracket family-tree, with just the Y-DNA it is a single line a path one which carries that particular Y-DNA travels on. The social-studies, people utilize silencing like Puritan Harvard on witches, the scientists-genealogists share and puzzle together information. Scientists can today communicate in math and diagrams, with translators any language can be used. The non scientists are dependent on language and will correct the spelling, and not the sig figs first.

Was pitching in a help on a Clan Crozier link for Wiki, but was kicked off. Descended from a Clementis Hobs (Clement Crozier’s sister’s son Robert Elliott), so created

A engineer with long term planning in the decades, can as a mine engineer, and as dad and agricultural civil engineer, set parameters, feed the the text, and images within graphic, and allow the image sharing of people on the internet take place. The ones which silence do not check links, the family genealogists-scientists will share those important to their particular families. Genetic-genealogical-science will be in the hands of the families, and by their action they know now YOU CAN DO DNA.

On, was bumping elbows with this crazy skiing lady, likely of this MOMS (mothers of Mormon sons) group, doing family search along the Polish-Slovakian border, in the old Austria-Hungarian Empire that of Galica, which today extends from southwest Poland into western Ukraine.

This was one of these super MOMS from the Quaker State. Both of us concurred that Find-A-Grave, like the one near where I was staying on my land near Ramah, NM, USA. Find-A-Grave says, McKinley County, when it was Cibola County, NM., says it is Valencia County, where Valencia County, did cover the region years ago. So when a couple of genealogists agree, one with extensive research on familysearch,org even though she may be a crazy skiing grandma, and I of family, when Find-A-Grave, or a ‘Higher Up’, tries to supersede, because genealogy is the sharing and coming to agreement on family history, this ‘Higher Up’, is likely creating errors for family sharers of their own family’s history.

Search the Muster Rolls

(8) YDNA Testing FTDNA (Updated 2021) – YouTube

For those which have not been excluded from purchased products, like I have been from my mtDNA and Y-DNA, which I have purchased. It is standard economics that the one who purchased the product owns it. If the product is taken from the owner without just compensation, and not cleaned out of all areas of usage then this is definitely theft.

The TIP calculator example demonstrates with 30± 5 is used without specifying the units as the sig-fig then taking the answer to the hundredth without applying basic mathematics. Correcting spelling before one corrects the math shows the admins excepting for James M. Irvine of the Irwin Surname Project do not know their mathematics basics for being scientist let alone geneticists.

Für diejenigen, die nicht von gekauften Produkten ausgeschlossen wurden, wie ich es von meiner mtDNA und Y-DNA war, die ich gekauft habe. Es ist Standardökonomie, dass derjenige, der das Produkt gekauft hat, es besitzt. Wenn das Produkt ohne gerechte Entschädigung vom Besitzer genommen und nicht aus allen Anwendungsbereichen gereinigt wird, handelt es sich definitiv um einen Diebstahl.

Das TIP-Taschenrechnerbeispiel zeigt mit 30± 5 wird verwendet, ohne die Einheiten als Sig-Feige anzugeben, und dann die Antwort auf das Hundertstel zu nehmen, ohne grundlegende Mathematik anzuwenden. Die Rechtschreibung zu korrigieren, bevor man die Mathematik korrigiert, zeigt, dass die Admins, mit Ausnahme von James M. Irvine vom Irwin Surname Project, ihre mathematischen Grundlagen nicht kennen, um Wissenschaftler zu sein, geschweige denn Genetiker.

Dla tych, które nie zostały wykluczone z zakupionych produktów, tak jak ja byłem z mojego mtDNA i Y-DNA, które kupiłem. Standardową ekonomią jest to, że ten, kto kupił produkt, jest jego właścicielem. Jeśli produkt zostanie odebrany właścicielowi bez sprawiedliwego odszkodowania i nie zostanie oczyszczony ze wszystkich obszarów użytkowania, jest to zdecydowanie kradzież.

Przykład kalkulatora TIP pokazuje, że 30± 5 jest używany bez określania jednostek jako sig-fig, a następnie biorąc odpowiedź na setną bez stosowania podstawowej matematyki. Poprawianie pisowni przed poprawieniem matematyki pokazuje, że administratorzy z wyjątkiem Jamesa M. Irvine’a z Irwin Surname Project nie znają swoich podstaw matematycznych jako naukowcy, nie mówiąc już o genetykach.

Для тех, кто не был исключен из приобретенных продуктов, например, я был из моей мтДНК и Y-ДНК, которые я приобрел. Это стандартная экономика, что тот, кто купил продукт, владеет им. Если продукт взят у владельца без справедливой компенсации, а не очищен от всех областей использования, то это определенно кража.

Пример калькулятора TIP демонстрирует с 30± 5 используется без указания единиц в качестве сиг-фига, а затем принимает ответ на сотую без применения базовой математики. Исправление орфографии до того, как кто-то исправит математику, показывает, что администраторы, за исключением Джеймса М. Ирвина из проекта Irwin Surname Project, не знают своих математических основ для того, чтобы быть учеными, не говоря уже о генетиках.

Y Haplogroup Heat Map PhyloGeographer



Loren S. Elliott dad’s family history on oldest son Mark Stephen Elliott

Do not have acess to SEYDN FTDNA 101829 my own data through FTDNA so am obtaining it elsewhere.


Hamblin Home (

SMALLPOX by Tim Amsden (Published in the Timberlake Times February 2000
In 1877, before the town of Ramah existed, a group of 100 Mormons fleeing persecution in Arkansas came to the area we know as Timberlake Ranch, and established a settlement they called Savoia. Savoia was one of the first white settlements in Western New Mexico.

Unfortunately, along the way one family took refuge from the cold in an empty adobe house, which was clearly marked with the word, “smallpox.” Either because they couldn’t read or because the weather gave them no choice, this house is where their twin babies were born. It is also where they took on the germs they would carry to the small settlement of Savoia.

During the bitter cold and heavy snows of the winter of 1877-78, smallpox ravaged Savoia, taking one person after another. Mothers and babies, fathers and children, died.

Some of the bodies may have been buried in a hand-dug well close to Timberlake – Paul Merrill is trying to verify that story. We do know that at least thirteen smallpox victims are buried in a small cemetery just below the upper ranch house. It is a well-tended area enclosed by a black wrought-iron fence, eerie with the tragedy of the deaths of young parents and children buried there, all struck down within four months by a terrible disease.

The settlement survived for a time – in 1880k, there were ten families living in Savoia. But eventually most of the people left to form Ramah and other communities, and the area, which is now Timberlake Ranch, became the Hamblin Ranch (the Hamblins were part of the original Savoia group).

In addition to the graves of those who died in the smallpox tragedy of 1877-78, the cemetery contains the grave of Polly Ann Hamblin, who lived from 1900 to 1918. Some people say that Polly’s ghost haunts the upper ranch house; but that is another story.

Thanks to two of our landowners, Kathryn Walling and Paul Merrill for their contribution to this article.

The Elliott grandparents of Mt Ayr, Iowa the only grandparents I knew each lost a younger brother in the 1908 flue epidemic. Took my vacinnes in my left arm, where I had my small pox vacination taken.



The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Y-DNA Testing

Family Tree DNA Sale, MyHeritage Transfers and Hurricane Fundraiser | DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy (

Search the Muster Rolls

Обзор генеалогического древа ДНК | Обзор теста FTDNA для семейной истории

Найдите свою семью.


The history of the Brigham family; a record of several thousand descendants of Thomas Brigham the emigrant, 1603-1653, by Brigham, Willard Irving Tyler, 1859-1904; Brigham, Emma E. (Emma Elizabeth), b. 1852, ed; Brigham, William E. (William Erastus), b. 1865, joint ed Pub 1907

History I  Etymology and English place names of the  surname BRIG-HAM

RootsTech 2022 Highlights

Gallup, NM 08/11/2018 Ceremonial parade pictures by MSE

Azumah Nelson RootsTech 2022.



Would like to present topic, Genealogy with DNA applied, at next session RootsTech 2023. As an old guy, and an amateur family historian – genealogists do not known who to contact. After all Bobby Jones was an amateur golfer and isn’t the history for the family. Why shouldn’t a family genealogist do a presentation on applying DNA to the family search?

BYU Brigham DNA

To young to vote, when I saw him in Souix City, Iowa running against Kennedy for 1960. Voted along with Massachusetts for McGovern in 1972.

Richard Milhous (Milhauz, Scotland) Nixon

Muster Roll for Tullyhogue (Tullaghoge) 1610 Transcribed by Teena NIXON-ELLOTT

In 1610 Tullyhogue Rolls;
David THOMPSON sword and David THOMSON
spellings Thompson and Thomson may be interchangeable.
David is used in roles by Thompson, Thomson, and English.
David is more English than Scottish. It is felt that the
surname ‘English’, was given In 1610 Tullyhogue Rolls;
David THOMPSON sword and David THOMSON
spellings Thompson and Thomson may be interchangeable.
David is used in roles by Thompson, Thomson, and English.
David is more English than Scottish. It is felt that the
surname ‘English’, was give because an English, lived
among the ‘Scottish’. On of Kentucky for instance would
not be called ‘Kentucky’, if living in Kentucky.
So the David Thompson and Thomson, likely father and son. an English, lived
among the ‘Scottish’. On of Kentucky for instance would
not be called ‘Kentucky’, if living in Kentucky.
So the David Thompson and Thomson, likely father and son.

Scots-Irish Links, 1575-1725 David Dobson · 2009 · ‎III.83] MCDILSHENDER, ANDREW, in Tullyhogue, County Tyrone, 1610. [Tullyhogue Muster Roll]


Note; the spellings M’DILSHENDER and  ELLOTT are the correct spellings in the 1610 Ulster muster. The ‘i’ in Ellott was not added to about 1650, the time of the Cromwellian Civil War.

In Tyrone 1610 Ulster Plantation, it is likely, that my ancestors the Ellott (correct 1610 muster Ulster spelling) knew the ancestors of Richard M. Nixon the Nixon.
Tullyhogue, Cookstown, UK Google-maps
Cappagh, Dungannon, UK Google-maps

Note; the spellings M’DILSHENDER and  ELLOTT are the correct spellings in the 1610 Ulster muster. The ‘i’ in Ellott was not added to about 1650, the time of the Cromwellian Civil War.

Если взять лося-самца с ваших земель, а затем поместить этого лося в юго-западном углу Колорадо, в районе Четырех Углов, где я видел коровьего лося, произведет ли лось теленка?

In 1593 the Armstrong, Elliott, and Scott (Buccleuch), sided with the Johnston(e), (Scots spelling Johnstone, Ulster spelling Johnston), in a feud against the Maxwell. The surnames Johnston, Armstrong, and Elliott are in the top 5 surnames of Maguire, now Fermanagh County, which is Anglican, not Presbyterian, Ireland.

Chronicles of the Armstrong 1593 Johnston-Maxwell feud. p.259

In 1596 the Armstrong, Elliott, Scott (Buccleuch), and Bell, were in on the rescue of Kinmont Willie Armstrong from Carlisle Castle.

Chronicles of the Armstrong 1596 Rescue of Kinmont Wille. p.261

Lady friend of wife, has a Mitochondrial DNA, of Nigeria, and a R1a as recalled from uncle surname, McKissic, of the UK McKissick, the “k” was dropped.
Scottish Prisoners of the Civil Wars (Dunbar and Worcester) – Y-DNA Classic Chart
N121928 McKusick John McKissick b.1719 and d.1745 Scotland R-Y22972
A lot of Scots-Irish from Ulster fought against Cromwell, in the Cromwellian Civil War then were sent about 1650 as indentured-slaves to the plantations of the West Indies. Likely intermarried with people from Africa, which were sent as slaves to the West Indies.
With a surname of Gates, this is something which needs to be looked at.


This is dedicated to the religious pioneers in genealogy, which migration through the United Kingdom utilizing the Brigham UK surname as an example, as symbolized by the Brigham pioneers of 1847 immigrating down Immigration Canyon into the valley of  The Great Salt Lake.  Where today is found the genealogical Family History Library Salt Lake City, Utah, based on the concept of record search and sharing to find family.

Front of Family History Library FHL, Salt Lake City,Utah.


How family members are being successful at family history;

  1. The family knows best.
  2. Listen to others, especially of the opposite sex, to make family.
  3. Do not in a family search, get rid of the in-laws (Xs), though you may want to.
  4. Families fight, and likely not just one answer is correct, in the history.
  5. If the family’s history is done properly one does not get to pick their ancestors.


Though, in 1965, I could remember visiting Salem, Massachusetts, and sites of the trials, as my father presented the concept of many great testifying at in the trials, with no interest sustained in what, Loren Spencer Elliott, had to say. He is difficult to disagree with when it comes to genealogy. From Gallup, New Mexico, to the First Church of Salem, Massachusetts, to digitize a record previous to the Salem Witch Trials in 1688, which verifies that Mary Lambert is not the wife of Daniel Elliot, which left testimony for the Salem Trials;

Difficult-to-Transcribe-plus-Confusion-and-a-Result-with-Clarification (1)

Sometimes it with accurate documentation, people who feel they are of authority, will interpret out of the utmost accuracy, that the testimony is a lie. In genealogy, this creates a lie out of what is accurately portrayed a genealogical block in the family research. With the high authorities of the Salem Trials this created nineteen innocent hangings with one being crushed.

The true family genealogist, is the one of their family’s genealogy. The false genealogist is one outside the family which feels that family member is a liar.

The approach of integrating DNA into genealogical research is needed to be proper, and by the family themselves. It is getting these days which non genealogists because true family genealogists share information, are trying to monopolize sizable amount of family information by creating DNA blocks, of people they are doing research for, but excluding information showing family links. Like my father Loren Spencer Elliott before me I like to share family history with family, that is what family historians do. He did go to a cost of doing this by printing mainly on a dot-matrix printer and distributing. His information was put online but not by the privacy standards of The Church of Latter Day Saints; Family History Library and Centers or their online site;, which the living are excluded. So when I share, it digitally (it was at first dad’s cost deceased at 92, Loren Spencer Elliott’s cost now it is at my cost; Mark Stephen Elliott, at over 70) with information added by the next generation, going back in time, am following in dad’s footsteps. The people I been adding are many generations deceased.

When people share family history information on a DNA genealogical blog, and an individual is kicked out for sharing information, then it is no longer genealogical blog. This controls the sample which the blog is taking information from, therefore creating a false genealogical output, though looked truthful,  creates history, but for family history is useless.  A family genealogist receives large amounts of information the extremely small amount picked out for their particular family is highly relevant, but may be total irrelevant for others including the blog’s administrator.

This is what my father put into the family history, on me his oldest of three sons, Mark Stephen Elliott;

Mark Stephen Elliott by Loren Spencer Elliott

Before the Family History Library was built in Salt Lake City, Utah, had been utilizing it for genealogical research to assist dad. It was something father and son could share at the time.

In a period of learning genealogy, it seems like people being paid to do research for others in the upper levels of the Church of Latter-Day Saint’s Business Offices, took an interested because they knew my approach was that of a hobbyist, and historian for my family, where I was assisting father in research.

It should be noted that research was being done on the Franklin family.


We did donate research to the Family History Center, Mesa, AZ.

Note William Jesse Elliott is not in the 37 marker test, so the others are. Horton name excluded, six of the above are matched to 9 of the below. So three at the 37 marker match do not match me exactly for the first twelve markers. (10/4/2019 MSE). About one out of three. The three which gave marker placement in Ireland, Ray E. Elliott, does not show an exact twelve marker match.


Herbert Hoover Horton, NPE, likely of Daniel’s older brother’s branch Robert Elliot, out of Great Island, Portsmouth, NH-Kittery, ME region, migrated later seventeenth century to near Charleston, SC, to establish the Baptist in the southern states. (Added 10/3/2019 MSE).


Which did include Franklin Research.

Mesa Arizona FamilySearch Library

Where the donation is recorded in as above.

Which relates well to the surname, I received my first forename from. That is where I felt that the name Brigham came from a surname.


(Ringold, should be spelled Ringgold 9/19/2019)

My name Mark, of Mark Stephen Elliott, became a first name of granddad Mark Elliott, then became my first name also. Did know Emma Onna Rush Elliott.

Will  Elliott (William `Will’ Comfort Elliott, correction 9/30/2019 MSE), Emma E. (Emma Onna Rush Elliott, correction 9/30/2019 MSE), back row left, grandad Mark (grandma Ilah on his right) is keeling, the twins Lois and dad Loren are from center. Emma, Ilah, and Mark, Loren and Lois, I have known, AW [‘AW’-‘Al’ (Allamando Wilcox) correction 9/30/2019 MSE], was deceased when I was born. Jack came later.

(Note: for some genetic color, Ilah, and oldest daughter Zoe, both have red hair)

In Rose Hill Cemetery, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, are the stones of William Comfort Elliott, AW Elliott, Emma Onna Rush Elliott, Ilah Melinda Spencer Elliott, shared with husband Mark (no middle name) Elliott. The oldest stone in the Elliott plot is that

Brigham ‘This is the Place’ genealogy with DNA applied