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Elliot Chief receives a tribute to her grandmothers at Greenville, SC

Forty-eight Elliot Clan Society members participated in the Chief ís Dinner on Saturday evening during the Greenville Games. Duringdinner, Elliot Clan Society member and South Carolina re-enactor, William Grissop, of Travelers Rest, South Carolina delivered a moving tribute to the Chief – honoring her Scottish Border and Southern Grandmothers. The Elliot Chief descends from a line of hereditary Chiefs back to the time of Robert the Bruce in the 1300s in Scotland. Through her Atlanta-born paternal grandmother, she also descends from many early South Carolina families who settled in that state before the American Revolutionary War. Here are the words Mr. Grissop shared with Margaret Elliott of Redheugh: Margaret Eliott is a daughter of the Scottish Borders, that fabled land that produced the men known as the Border Reivers or the Steel Bonnets. They were indeed men of steel. It need not be doubted that these men of steel sprang from, married and fathered women of steel. To even read casually of the Border history would make one wonder what sort of women were these who mothered, married and supported these men, the Steel Bonnets. These were strong women, resilient women, loving women. Were it not so, we of the Elliot Clan would not be here today. Our Chief, Margaret Elliott, is blood and sinew of these people. She is also blood and sinew of another proud line of strong women. Chief Margaret is also a Southern Girl! Her paternal grandmother was bornin Georgia and other grandmothers were born in South Carolina and Tennessee. (Being a native South Carolinian with much Georgia blood flow ing through my veins, I can readily state that this is about as much glory as one person can stand!) These women of the South have proven their glorious worth over the years.

Section B Bethís Newfangled Family Tree August 2008 Page 3


Wind farm battle over Scottish castle



Sasine deed 1484 for Robert Elwald (Elliot), Redheugh, Larriston, Hartsgarth

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the … – Robert Bruce Armstrong – Google Books

The history of Enniskillen with reference to some manors in co. Fermanagh, and other local subjects : Trimble, William Copeland, 1851-1941 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming :

Internet ArchiveChronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

named – Map your surname across the UK (

Sheep stealers from the north of England’: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the … – Robert Bruce Armstrong – Google Books

Saxton-1579.jpg (4062×3183) (

View map: Lidalia vel Lidisdalia regio, Lidisdail / Auct. Timotheo Pont. – Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654 (

Chronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Albert Bird Armstrong Jr. (1900-1973) – Find a Grave Memorial

Steel Bonnets In Debatatable Lands with George Macdonald Fraser and Eric Robson

‘Sheep stealers from the north of England’:
the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell
history_ireland_winter1994_pgs-25-29 PDF

The following by;

George MacDonald Fraser author of;

The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers
Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 2008 – History – 384 pages



This is to show the development of name Crozier and how it relates to the development of the name Elliot.

Borders Privy Council pre civil war 1642

Shows pre English Civil War, a link between, the Croser (Crozier), Elliot, and Armstrong in their Border Privy Council.

Crozier                             Elliot  1891




Crozier-Crosier shows a strong Northumbria distribution.

Named Public Profiler



It is felt some Crozier of Liddesdale, Scotland may have move to Tyndale England at the time of The Union-Border Pacification at beginning of seventeenth century.


Note for Elliot is of Liddesdale, which became Elliott representing the major amount of all Elliot variants.


Allied Clans (added 1/5/2017); Armstrong, Elliott, Crozier, Nixon, all show a population density in Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland. Which corresponds to Robert Bell, of Ulster article;

‘Sheep stealers from the north of England’: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell

Although their were other Riding Families in the border lands of Scotland, only 17 were ever named a Clan.

In 1587 the Parliament of Scotland passed a statute: “For the quieting and keping in obiedince of the disorderit subjectis inhabitantis of the borders hielands and Ilis.” Attached to the statute was a Roll of surnames from both the Borders and Highlands.

Middle March – Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon and Crozier

Daniel Elliot of Tullykelter Castle, Fermanagh, Ulster c1610


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Indicating a pre England-Scotland, Anglo-Danish Northumbria distribution, where the Crozier and Elliot are quite similar.

Name origins felt to be southern France.

It is felt that most of today’s Crozier and Elliot have are of Scandinavian origins an have adopted names from southern France.

For Cros;

Cros of Francemini-map-Le Cros

For surname Crozier-Crosier;

Crozier-surname-distribution2-270x300Crosier surname distribution

Note; Crozier are in southern France.


It is felt that the name Le Cros, became Crosier, then Crozier;

For Crosier;

Crosier distrtribution 1881

For Crozier;

Crozier surname distribution 1881

Crosier is of Northumberland, England, and Crozier is of Roxburgh, Scotland. The Scots like to differentiate their names from the English. Elliot is the Scottish Border standard.

Crozier Statistics;


Crozier-surname-distribution-forebear-2-2Top 5 in number and frequency of surname Crozier.

From world names puplic profilier;

Crozier Stats



For Elliot;


For Aliot;

Aliot of France

Aliot, France

For Elliot;

Elliot surname distribution 1881

St. Germains Eliot are of Breton France. Where the Scots with the name  Ellot, kept the double “l” in various spellings.


For Eliot;

Eliot European distribution

Eliot surname distribution map

UK Elliott shows both English and Scottish distributions;

Elliott surname distrib

This shows an “i” was inserted ca1650, and an extra “t” was added for the Scot’s Ellot.

Elliot surname distribution statsElliott surname distribution

In Irish 1630 muster the Scots spelled their name Ellot.

Ireland the single “t” spelling is at the highest.

The United States having been separated from the United Kingdom the longest, had the longest time to not recognize themselves as Scots, and added an extrat “t”.

The names are of Southern France, but the people with the names Crozier, and Elliot are Scandinavian.

Crozier mainly R-M269 DNA;

Crozier DNA chart

Mark S. Elliott; has a number of Scarborough and Cave matches from the the Scarborough of Durham, and North and South Cave of East Riding Yorkshire, all of old Northumbria.

12 marker exact Cave 12 marker exact Scarborough (1)

Which is an indications of a pre-surname link of and Elliott to those which tie their surnames to these localities.

For more information;

Genealogy Geographic Surname DNA Elliot

A William le Gros (Cros) built Scarborough castle;

• William le Gros Earl of Yorkshire (Count of Aumale) died 1179 could easily be the influence of the Croyser of today’s border region being of Yorkshire. Name similarities exist between, Le Cros and Le Gros and today’s Crozier and Grozier surnames. William le Gros, owned Scarborough Castle. Borough means fort and is symbolized on the shield of Scarborough. Scarborough is of AngloSaxon origins, and people with the surname Scarborough are known to be from Scarborough. The Y-DNA of the people named Scarborough was used to locate an entry point into the British Isles, of an Elfwald/Elwald.[8] Name version of Crozier with a G; Grosar, Grosars, Grossars (RB Armstrong), Gros, and Grozier, which OCR (optical character recognition), sometimes read the upper case C as a G, is questioned if the document is handwritten, that it may have been transcribed in the past with a C transcribed as a G. William le Gros, Count of Aumale, was a powerful Anglo-Norman baron and grand-nephew of William the Conqueror.

Scarborough Castle William Le Gros ca 1130


Cros of France


Gros surname distribution

Cros and Gros show similar distribution patterns.



Clan Ellot chiefs lived near the Crosar of Riccarton, on the upper Liddel;

Crosars of Riccarton near Elliot RB Armstrong

Crozier occupied lands in the Upper Liddesdale near the Elliot.

Croyser Crozier Elwald Ellot Nykson Nixon

Riccarton Tower Canmore


Riccarton Tower remains, at O.(Over) Riccarton.






Land in which Robert Elwald (ie Ellot) became of Redheugh is listed in a sasine (deed) of the later 15th Century;


A John and Quiton Crosar (Crozier) are listed with the witnesses on the deed.

single exception one pedigree dated c. 1704

pedigree c 1704 Elliots of Lariston.

Martin, and Robert 15 of Lariston, Prickinghaugh, and Redheugh

Adapted from;

Wonder where Keith Elliot Hunter acquired it from?

Riccarton Rakistonlees map locations

Map of above Robert is living in Lariston, and Martin in nearby Prickenhaugh. Martin was living on Bothwell lease of Braidley near Hermitage Castle, then moved to Redheugh land of Prickinghaugh, likely when his older brother Robert 15 was not living there, but his son Robert 16  (son of sister Jean Scot of Buccleuch, and designated chief) of Redheugh land was living in Lariston and his half brother William first living with father in Lariston, moved on to land of his mother Margaret to Harstgarth, where peel was built by Robert 15.

The Martin Elwald of Redheugh, is likely brother to Robert Elwald 15 of Redheugh, and died early, so the next generation menti on above Robert Ellot is Robert 16, half brother William Ellot of Hartsgrath, and Gilbert Elliot who’s first son is William, and his first son is Sir Gilbert. Robert 15 first daughter is Margaret, named after his mistress Margaret Kidd, not after his wife Jean Scot sister to Buccleuch. 5-16-2016 MSE

The 1704 Lariston family tree was so important it was one of the items which survived the Stobs fire of 1720 showing Robert Elliot 15 is of Lariston and his brother Martin is of Prickinghaugh.

Scandinavian forms of Crozier and Elliot show up in distribution mapping.


Mark S. Elliott   2/1/2016


Ellwood NPS

Ellwood/Elwood Arms;


Ellwood Distribution shows Cumbria, England.



James V. Elliott on origins of Elliot of Ellwood (Elwold, Elwould) variant origin may be Cumberland.

Elwold-Elwould-Ellwood-Cumbria-Cumberland-1 Elwold-Elwould-Ellwood-Cumbria-Cumberland-2

James V. Elliott lead the Elliot DNA (reiver) project with excellent conclusion, below is work he had impact on;

Report on A-1 Clade/R-L193




Arthur Eliott showing dual origins of the clan;


Elliot surname distribution shows it also;


In Response To;

Draft:Clan Crozier-Ellwood – Speedy deletion Wiki – Wikia
Comment: It is very true when you end on the note “because the above may need many rewrites to get the proper concepts across fro Clan Crozier-Ellwood”.

clancrozier  pdf

Comment: It is very true when you end on the note “because the above may need many rewrites to get the proper concepts across fro Clan Crozier-Ellwood”. And as I can’t find anything when searching for “Crozier-Ellwood” I’m about to say this is a little prank. But prove me wrong. — Sam Sailor Talk! 12:59, 21 September 2015

In Construction a Draft
This article is to try to established, vanquished clans, and will be dependent on being a sept? of the unvanquished Clan Armstrong that of the Crozier and Ellwood, which is felt to compliment each other and not think alike. From the Ellwood, will be taking the established arms, a set of arms previous to the Redheugh/Stobs Eliott, but retain the stag head theme of both clan, and brought to America, likely by Ulster Crozier. The Crosier family has established a tartan on their own, and this tartan will be the tartan of the combined clan, since the Ellwood do not have a tartan. The clans are complimentary. One clan has to offer what the other needs to make a clan.
The Ellwood, is basically of the Elwold (Elwould, Elwode), family line, and does not have any linguistic connection to Wm de Aliot, of southern France, though it is known that in the past the UK Clan Elliot has claimed them today they do not recognize the migration path from Croyland to Cumberland, of the Ellwood which Clan Armstrong does, a long which surname distribution patterns of the surname Ellwood. The UK Elliot Clan have taken a path of singularity unlike the previous chief of a singular French Norman origin, of which the Ellwood, like the Armstrong have an Anglo-Saxon Germanic origin.
Today the major populace because the name Elwold of Germanic-“wold”, migrated to the English word “wood” which different linguistic origins, but similar in meaning of “small forest”, “a wold/wood”, and the name basically into Scotland went as “wald” (forest).
The Ellwood will compliment the Crozier in there locality of migration being similar to the earlier Crozier, and the Crozier migration being similar to the ancestors of the Ellwood, which migrated into Scotland and onto Ireland. So putting the two together gives a more complete migration of many of the Scottish Clan names.
Hopefully the reader will realize the direction, and can pitch in on the direction, because the above may need many rewrites to get the proper concepts across fro Clan Crozier-Ellwood.

Clan Crozier-Ellwood
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Appreciate the synopsis on a deleted article I once submitted, to bring about more understanding of what I must have been trying to get across. At least I now have a tartan which may be considered by the Gorrenberry branch of Elliott.

Ellwood, though carried over to Ulster as Elwood, is mainly a name which migrated northwest to Cumberland of Cumbria, England, and on crossing over into Scotland the form became Ellot (Elliot).

Mark S. Elliott     2/8/2016

Crozier early genealogy supplement;

The Croziers, now rarely represented, belonged to an old border clan seated at Liddisdale, Roxburghshire, in the 16th century.

Homes of Family Names in Great Britain (1890) by Henry Brougham Guppy Page 313.

Crozier name history (1)

This surname is derived from an official title. ‘the crosier,’ one who carried the bishop’s cross or pastoral staff. ‘Crocere, crociarius’:
Promptorium Parvulorum Way, commenting on this word, quotes concerning the martyrdom of St. Thomas of Canterbury, ‘one Syr
Edward Gryme, that was his croyser, put for the his arme with the crosse to bere of the stroke’: Legenda Aur. (v. the full note,
Promptorium Parvulorum).
Simon le Croyser, temp. 1300. Writs of Parliament.

Mabel le Croyser. Calendarium Rotulorum Originalium.

William Croyser. Calendarium Rotulorum Originalium.

Cristiana Croiser, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.

Johannes Croser, 1379: ibid.

John Crosier, Norfolk, 6 Henry V: History of Norfolk.

William Crosier, Norfolk, 46 Edward III: ibid.

1775. Married — Laurence Neilson and Esther Croser: St. George, Hanover Square.

1787. — Samuel Burrows and Alice Crozier: ibid.

A dictionary of English and Welsh surnames, with special American instances by Bardsley, Charles Wareing Endell, 1843-1898; Bardsley, A., “Mrs. Charles Wareing Bardsley,” ed page 219 Published 1901

Crozier name history (2)

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Fermanagh muster ca1630



John Crozer Lurgg L. Blennerhasset’s churchlands Fermanagh


Note; William Grocer above/

Scot’s Charitable Society of Boston

scots-charitable-society-boston-1 scots-charitable-society-boston-2

Note; William Cosser, above and below.

scots-boston-charitable-society-membership-1657-1712-111/14/2016 MSE

Joseph, John and jr Cross, Wells Maine 1622-1687

In June 3, 1675 Henry Brown and James Orr , Scotchmen, were residents of Wells, Maine and one given list.

11/16/2016 MSE

Ulster muster ca1630 for Cross;


Muster Roll Of The County Of Fermanagh 1631;
John Croser           Magherboy G. Hume                       Fermanagh
Robert Crosse       Loughty B. Taylor                             Cavan
Edward Crosse     Castleraine Bishop of Kilmore        Cavan
John Crosse        Castleraine Bishop of Kilmore          Cavan
Richard Crosse  Clankelly Mr Sedburrogh                   Fermanagh
John Crosse   Eneshone Lord Chichester                     Donegal
John Crozer  Lurgg L. Blennerhasset’s churchlands  Fermanagh

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Peace on the Scottish Border

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