Crozier Censored

Clan Crozier  has been censored and deleted from Wikipedia though it had a lot of activity.

Wiki Clan Crozier stats

Information contained in;

Clan Crozier

As compared to the Wikipedia site which had activity;

Clan Eliott stats1


The peaks and most of the activity was caused by censored information to the Clan Eliott site of;

Clan Elliot

Composed by Mark S. Elliott, but like Wikipedia article Clan Crozier, the Clan Elliot information was also censored from the Clan Eliott site.

Why Censored?

If historians, can not use deeds (sasine) in the history, then what are they using?


Valid reference on graphic;


The Annals of a Border Club (the Jedforest): And Biographical Notices of the Families 1899, George Tancred

Map verifies the Lariston lands of Redheugh;


Because the deed of Redheugh, Lariston, Hartsgarth and other; to the Clan Elliot chief’s land is old does not make it invalid.

Mark Elliott   1/12/2016

Search engine bias by adding a 2 to elliot;

search engine Elliot history bias by adding a 2


and see for yourself.


QuintusPentillus of Clan Eliott Wikipedia linking to;

Can anyone figure out who QuintusPentillus is?

MSE  1/14/2016

Can’t be the work of MI6NBW, can it?

North British Windpower NBW Google image search

MSE  1/15/2016

Chiefs Kerr Elliot, & Cessford (Duke of Roxborghe)

MSE   2/8/2016

First Lines from Crozier in Canada and New Zealand;


Mark S. Elliott 2/16/2016

Changed Elliot history

Try links;

Of above;

Link provided by above;

Now link from giving today’s modified history;

MSE   4/15/2016

CLAN CROZIER en wiki Deletion;

Clan Crozier en wiki deletion text code.

If you are publishing to Wiki, please use above code.

It’s called picking up the pike from the fallen to continue on.

Mark S. Elliott 5-23-2016