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Though  I did design the blue and white shield, it was meant to bring out other ideas. Since it does not have copy write, all can use Wiki-capitalists are trying to make it marketable. It the ‘unique’ design can be attribute to the French Croyser>Croiser  believe-cross, and the 1,000-year-old cross buried in a Scottish field, not attributing it to mean, but meaning, and archaeology,  and family croyser-croiser-crosier-crozier, if it has the universality for French-Anglo-Saxon (Border)-Ireland and beyond, I would be happy for the family which I’m descended from Clementis Hobs, an in-law part of would be honored by it’s use. Sincerely, Mark Stephen Elliott 10/17/2023,_Redheugh,_Larriston,_Hartsgarth.jpg

Redheugh-Larriston, 15th Century deed-sasine, of 29th Chief Margaret Eliott of Redheugh. Crozier witnessing.


Namensverbreitungskarte – Verein für Computergenealogie (


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Quebec, Canada Flag. Seems to symbolize, Scotland, England and France, but not Ireland.

Though the name seems to evolve as a Saxon from France to England to Scotland, to make it to the Colonies of the English Empire, it traveled through Ulster. It is felt the golden bees, is more expressive of the name becoming Crozier, from French Cross bearer.  Now one would see why I should not choose and arms.

Mark Stephen Elliott. 2-4-2023

 Crozier Coat of Arms

NZ; Coat of arms; The Crozier coat of arms shows four gold bees on a black shield along with a white ‘hummet’ cross.

Felt that the Crozier needed a single shield with a cross, on it unique from all others which can be shared. It seems like New Zealand came up with the proper wording, but showed a cross with flies on it, which is also a Crozier Cross.  The Crozier have many coats of arms so any choosen coat of arms would be incorrect to the main number of Crozier. The one chosen has a cross which all Crozier arms seem to have in some form. Colors/colours used were lapis blue, gold, and white/silver, and black. The above does not have the lapis blue. For the insect Crozier coat of arms, flies, butter flies, and bees seemed to be preferred. Though New Zealand used flies on their shield, New Zealand also said gold bees and that is what was used.  Needed to be completely different for all other shield, and the fleurs-de-lis were used by others. It also needed to stand out from the other Middle March Clans, the Armstrong, Elliot and Nixon, and the one I designed in blue and white with the stag’s head did not fulfill this qualification. The one above seems also for the Crozier to have a greater tradition in design.

It should be noted that the color/colour combination is that of the Nixon Arms.

Of the above the Armstrong and Elliot are by far the largest in numbers. Though the Nixon and I seem to have cultural compatibility, to an extreme where there is not cohesiveness. Given the cohesiveness between the Crozier, and Nixon, if one was to organize Clan Crozier, it would be suggested for it to be in combination with the surname Nixon.

Clan Crozier Irish Surname


Finding strong linking between Clozier and Nixon, as smaller clans, which have today strong linking like I do but not all Elliott seem to the Armstrong.

Going with the one out of New Zealand, with the bees, though they had house flies on theirs. Put a worker bee on the design above. Though it is felt that most any insect with wings have been accepted from flies to butterflies.

Designed the shields above which addresses it as Crozier’s Coat, but to me who designed it the Crozier had many Coats of a single shield. Had difficulty putting the stag head in the shield for uniqueness. The one out of New Zealand with flying insects gives a uniqueness of it’s own.

Peace on the Scottish Border

Near the bottom of link shows the Crozier (Crosar) and the Nixon (Nixsoun) both near Larriston, of the Redheugh Elliot (Ellot).  So it is felt if the Crozier where to link their shield to anyone of the Middle March Clans it should be to each other. Though now both are strongly linked to Armstrong, it is felt because of name links of Elliott to the French Eliot, and not to the Scottish Ellot, is causing difficulties for Clan Elliot to resume their links to Crozier and Nixon also Armstrongwith exception to the Clan Elliot 29th chief Margaret Eliott which is felt to be linked to the Crozier, Nixon and Armstrong.

In the evolution to the Crozier name it seems to have a French name of a Saxon, meaning basically crusader. Close to the orientation of Clan Armstrong origins, and that of the Elliot chieftain also.

The badge the only one designed incorporates Crux (cross) Enim (is) Clavis (key), shorten version to fion badge, so the crusader-croiser-cros-cross-crosser name of evolution will be acknowledged in the future for the more dominate today’s origin of the crozier; shepherds cane, symbolizing for a bishop the tending of the flock.

The single design with no conflict to other designs seemed to have ready acceptance.

12/3/2018 MSE



Comment on uniqueness. To be single shield, the fleurs-de-lis, excepting colo(u)ration is not unique unless something is added. The flies and also bees are. 4/7/2018 MSE

Clan Crozier Arms

Flies, bees, fleurs-de-lis seem to be all or.(gold), white cross with azure; lapis blue, seems to be correct.

Need a single shield in following with allied Clan Armstrong;

Retaining some of the colo(u)ration of the Clan Armstrong shield, and the Elwald-Ellwood, of Elliott shield. Plus giving it a uniqueness where it will not be confused with a shield of another clan. Emphasizing the Anglia, and French, influence on the names Cross/Crosier, of the symbol of a cross which evolved into Crosser/Crozier of Scotland. Though Crozier means a sheep herders can and symbolic of a bishop, it is an evolved development of the name to distinguish it from it’s predecessor,  that of the English Crosier, based on the French Cros, for cross not crozier.

Designed without copy-write, free to use.

Information for uploading to Wikipedia as public domain;





Permission is an online sharing service where users share free public domain vector cliparts.


From New Zealand;

Coat of arms

The Crozier coat of arms shows four gold bees on a black shield along with a white ‘hummet’ cross.

New Zealand, had flies, without knight’s helmet, but said bees. One coat of arms with knight’s helmet is popular with bees on it, but if all are to share it is felt that Clan Crozier being like Clan Armstrong  armigerous. Clan Armstrong it is felt that it should be shield only, and be unique. The the four golden bees, with the white on a black shield is traditional and traditional to Clan Crozier.  So it seems the worker bees with cross takes it.

IN ? 10/29/2016;



Feel that some thing of Scotland needs to be in the shield, and may be of the Armstrong and Elliot. The predomitnate colors of the Scottish flag and the Armstrong shield is azure (lapish blue) and white. The Armstrong withe the Little/Liddell have been known to use the Cross of St Andrews;


The Elwald-Elliot have been noted to use a staghead;

The families were called after shield. The one with the staghead would be Elwald, and the one with the elwand would be Elwand.







It is felt because the border Elwald were so notorious that a process of disnaming took place which is known for MacGreggor highlanders, and Graham English border reviers.

At time of King James VI of Scotland become I of a united kingdom, MacGregor in highlands had disnaming process along with a year later in the borders with the Graham on English side of the Debateable lands (Reivers, Alistair Moffat pg 19).

Some English Elwald became Edwards, .as shown by a coat of arms  in the Edwards family, but not for all Edwards.



The Redheugh of Eliott line uses a shield with an ellwand/elwand on the bend.


It should be noted that the Elwood (Elwald) are out of Northumbria, and Elwald is a common name during the 16th century in York;


Like Crozier and it is felt for other families there are a number of arms, but to establish a clan one needs to be agreed upon.

Gorrenberry, uses the auld/old Elwood/Elwald /Ellot shield , at time of land purchase;

Redheugh, Larristons, and Hartsgarth (Stobs) took on the shield with the ellwand/elwand on the bend;

The shield of Gilbert Ellot has an ellwand on its  bend;



The William Ellot shield has a staghead in base;


Because of a Sir Gilbert in the line it has a knights helment on top;



As one can see Crosar, John and Quentin witnessed sasine/deed. William Elwald of Gorrenberry, listed with the son of Bucceluch, Cessford and brother likely Ferniehirst, and Gladstanes, landowners of Crozier land in Teviotdale is my many great grandfather.

The Redheugh of Eliott line uses a shield with an ellwand/elwand on the bend. An ellwand/elwand, is what the Elwand/Elwald were referred to because like me they measured. The Elwand was the sixteenth century Edinburgh, Scotland standardized measurement for length, like an English yardstick or a French metre rod.  The Redheugh-Larriston-Hartsgarth (Stobs), shield was created in the sixteenth century.

Robert had a mistress from Slaughtree  who he built a Hartsgarth Tower for. Elliot of Scotland claim descendant from Redheugh, but Gorrenberry and the Martin Elwood may not. Martin built a tower near his brother at Prickenhaugh, and this was near the Scottish Riccarton Croyser.


It should be noted that Gorrenberry, and Thorleeshope (valley of Thor), proceeded Redheugh, and these are localities of Gorrenberry, and Martin Elwood (Elwald/Ellot/Elliot/Elliott) lived. The name Patrick of the first Bothwell of the Hermitage was utilized by the Thorleeshope Elwald, and Mosspatrickswine-MacPatrickhope-O(ver) Gorrenberry, became the land lease from Bothwell home, of William O Gorrenberry which supported Kinmont Willie Armstrong,  and head of the Gorrenberry family.

My family was of the grain of Martin Ellot (Elwood descendants on Lewis Island north Scotland and Ulster). Becuase we defended The Hermitage Castle, my family was banished from like the Armstrong defending Scotland from both kingdoms at the time of the Union, and moved with Elwood, Crozier, and Armstrong to Fermanagh County, Ulster Ireland.


In the above it shows Lariston using a baton (elwand) on the bend. Since Redheugh, Lariston, and Hartsgarth (Stobs), is of the same family they would ultilizes similar arms. Since Clan Nixon utilizes, a similar ares, and the Redheugh Eliott, unlike the Armstrong have a chief, it is saying that Clan Nixon is a sept of Clan Redheugh-Stobs Eliott. It is likely sinced Redheugh-Stobs Eliott paired with Bucccleuch the Nixon preferred following the Armstrong.

above added 10/29-30/2016 MSE


I expect that the coat of arms did belong to someone of the name, but that does not mean that it belongs to everyone of the surname.

Commit on being deleted from Wiki;

Response; Feel the above is correct but the word someone should be some people.  Could not myself identify a particular arms for the Crozier though they are being sold as downloads on the internet, and feel the Crozier need an arms they can freely share which they do not have to buy.

It is felt that the people with the surname Crozier sharing similar origins and values like their allies the Armstrong and Elliot would like to have their independent group identity and decide on an arms.

As an Elliott it is not my decision to make, but to try to provide a number of examples and I am sure than it is not inclusive of  all examples of Crozier Arms, with hope that Clan Crozier will go through the process of deciding on one. This process of pitching together and deciding on an arms is felt to be the process which makes for the clan family of Crozier.  MSE 9/16/2016



Without Staghead;


If has similarity with the bee, fly, and butterfly, but looses some uniqueness.


Correction made; fleur de lis are or. (gold)   MSE 5/1/2016

Traditional design features, are the fleur de lis of France used in England and America (Crozier’s General Armory:…. ed William Armstrong Crozier), with French being the basis to the name Crozier. Azure or lapis blue being a tradition colour of the Crozier Clan arms.

The cross is the Christian (St George’s Cross), color scheme in that of the arms of the Armstrong and the Scottish flag. Though the white could be turn to gold if the Irish want their coat of arms different. The Irish of mainly Fermanagh/Armagh, have Liddesdale/Teviotdale Scottish origins. The stag head is found normally on top in the caboose is on the white cross, and is a symbol
used by the King/St Elwald (Ælfwald I of Northumbria), and the Cumbria Ellwood, along with the Horsliehill (William) Ellot. Stag head is in the centre, which makes the arms unique and compacts the design to a shield. For artistry the stag head is not symmetric, and is vertically compact to fit on the vertical member of the cross. Stag looks towards the left, for people of a society which reads from left to right, the stag seems to as being addressed from the left looking at the reader. Two color scheme of white (gold maybe substituted) and blue is utilized, in svg (scalable vector graphics). Public domain to be shared by Clan Crozier. Clan Crozier an armigerous clan, does not have an arms registered by Lord Lyon the heraldic authority for Scotland. The given are an example based on Crozier traditional arms, which can beshared by all Crozier, Crosier, Grozier, Gros, Crosser, Cross, Cros, Crozat, Crozet and other variant names. Surnames (Family Tree DNA Crozier site) Crazier, Crizer, Crosair, Crosare, Croser, Crosier, Crosir, Crosnier, Crossar, Crosser, Croysar, Croyser, Crozer, Crozier.

Crozier Arms and Motto

Azure (lapis) blue is also the color of the elwand (Elwand/Ellwood), on the bend Redheugh-Lariston-Stobs shield. An elwand/ell wand, is an Edinburgh standard during the sixteenth century, at the time of the creation of the Redheugh arms. A wand a standard Scottish ell in length, between the length of an English Imperial yard stick, and a French metre stick. Elwald on occasion in both England and Scotland were referred to as Elwand. The names Elwald-Elwold-Elwould-Elwand, in Cumberland where there are a lot of Crozier, became Ellwood, and their shield uses the staghead, and the azure blue also.

 Crozier Arms British;



Crozier Crows

Added 3/28/2019 MSE

From France to London, then likely onto to America, where the staghead, cross, and four French French “fleurs-de-lis” were used, by William Armstrong Crozier and record in his reference on armory of America. He also used the color (colour) azure, a lapis blue stone which shares the color with the arms of the Armstrong, and the Scottish, and Irish flags.


Top 5 Crozier nations in number, and frequency;

Top 5 in number and frequency of surname Crozier.

Distribution showing strong in Roxburghshire (Liddesdale), and Northern Ireland, Ulster (Fermanagh);


Distribution shows strong in Northern Ireland (Ulster).


Numbers and frequencies added  MSE 5/1/2016.

From New Zealand;

Coat of arms

The Crozier coat of arms shows four gold bees on a black shield along with a white ‘hummet’ cross. One possibly interpretation is as follows:

Gold: generosity and elevation of the mind Green: Hope, joy, and loyalty in love Black: Constancy Bee: Efficient industry

Properly displayed with all on one shield and no knight’s helmet;


Am I mistaken. Do these bees look like houseflies ?[1].htm

Like bees, been and apiarist (beekeeper), as mainly a hobbyist, but feel the above is accurately of Irish Crozier Arms.

In Ireland the name Crozier was introduced into Ulster Province by settlers who arrived from England and Scotland, especially during the seventeenth century. In modern times the name is mostly associated with Counties Fermanagh and Armagh.

Irishs Names Arms for Crozier

Irish Gathering Crozier Arms;

Irish Gathering Crozier Arms

Another Irish Crozier Arms.

another Crozier Coat of Arms


It is more important for the Crozier to decide on an arms than what the arms may be;

Feel needed is  a viable reference which surpasses that of William Armstrong Crozier.

MSE  2/8/2016 udated 5/1/2016



A General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland
John Burke, Bernard Burke
Edward Churton, 1842 – Devices (Heraldry) – 1500 pages

Crozier arms By John Burke, Bernard Burke 1842 (1)

Crozier arms By John Burke, Bernard Burke 1842 (2)

Crozier arms By John Burke, Bernard Burke 1842 (3)


Gray Scale, like black and white television, most copy and fax, and many printers. Example is given.  gray scale additions 9/20/2016



Black and White;


Wiki copy-write free;



MSE  5/1/2016

Crosier Arms;

Scotland to Ireland and beyond–

(no helmet no knights as with the ally Clan Armstrong)

To be shared by all Crozier and variant names;

Crozier arms W-Y

Croyser (root name of Crosier/Crozier) Arms;

Because the arms with the bees is of Croyser a root name of Croiser/Croizer it is felt to be the older arms).

On Irish shields above, feel as a formal apiarist (beekeeper), that out of the single queen for a hive, and the drowns, the insect used on a black background looks more like a golden worker bee than any of the above.  Though azure-lapis blue was used it seems like the black emphasizes the golden color/colour of the four bees.




azure with cross butterflies and bees.


Crozier butteryfly Arms


It is known that border Scots differ in arms, than the Irish of the same name, and the one designated by William Armstrong Crozier, accepted in London, and the USA, is likely the Scottish one, and the one with the bees, and highly used by the Irish, and New Zealand is the Irish one. Since most Crozier migrated through Ulster (Fermanagh and Armagh on border) from Roxburghshire (Liddesdale and Teviotdale near the border), that the one symbolizing concepts of the French, English, and the Scots is the one which proceeds, the arms of the Irish.  Both are appropriate for most of the world.

Authoring the above, giving the Crozier and variant names the right to use the given arms.

Mark S. Elliott

MSE 5/2/2016

Armstrong shield;

Clan Armstrong shield


The Right one would be;

The Arms which Crozier and variants come to agreement on.

To disagreement without fore wording an arms to [email protected], is not constructive, sabotaging the result to establishment of a Crozier Clan family with an arms.  My favorite is the the Spanish gold and red with the Zia sign based on the state of New Mexico flag.

The ones given are only examples and would much prefer, if not correct for the Clan Crozier to be corrected with what one would feel is the proper one. It does not help me at all with telling me the above are incorrect without giving me the proper design. It should be noted there are likely a number off arms which are correct to the Crozier, but to get one which internationally which can sustain unity among the international family of Crozier, is going to be difficult, and impossible if those in disagree do not present with the one they feel is proper.

If I am incorrect in the above direction or one may feel their is better please submit. Would appreciate a better svg oriented design on the one in Robert Bruce Armstrong’s History of Liddesdale with three St Andrew’s crosses and crows for Crozier.


Mark  Elliott

Thom(p)son Arms;


Clan Thomson is of the West March, and also use a stag head as a major part of their symbolism, and in accordance To Robert B. Armstrong, also in the nineteenth century included stars.

Clan Thom(p)son on electricscotland

Crozier Tartan;

Clan Crozier tartonauthority

The ARMS from the West and Middle March Clans.

MSE  8/5/2017

Another design;

10/29/2019 MSE

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  1. Lot of this page is grossly inaccurate, I have studied Croziers for 45 years. Here somebody has cobbled together some information and mixed it all up.

    I wish people would only publish correct information.

  2. Though there will always be people which think things are inaccurate, the following link is a PDF file written for Clan Crozier, on Wikipedia.

    This link indicates when and why deleted;

    Though the concept of a better article being written, this December will be two years, and yet a better article on Clan Crozier, has not been written.

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