*Armstrong Fairbairn (Fairy Bear-Fair Beorn)

Published on Jul 27, 2019
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson cautioned the European Union that the Irish backstop, which he said was undemocratic, needed to be ditched if they were to strike a Brexit divorce deal. He has repeatedly warned that if the EU continues to refuse to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement agreed by his predecessor, Theresa May, then he will take Britain out without a deal. His biggest demand is that the most hotly contested element of the Brexit divorce agreement – the Irish border backstop – be struck out of the Withdrawal Agreement, a demand that has angered Ireland and perturbed other EU capitals. ‘If we get rid of the backstop, whole and entire, then we are making a lot of progress,’ Johnson said, when asked if it is was only the Irish border backstop that he wanted changed.

In 1607 my family as a supporter of Catholic Queen Marie Stuart of Scotland, exiled from both kingdoms the Union of the Crown, which exiled or extermination of the Armstrong and Elliott from the borders is represent by the Union Jack. The

Elliott along with the Armstrong, by supporting Charles II, and the local Catholic population as Royalists we fought against Cromwell then transported as slaves to the American Colonies.  Charles II, did become king, which today is a better government then their continuence of a genocidal policy of getting rid of the backstop. These Armstrong and Elliott of County Femanagh, Ireland no longer need a border of violence rapped around them.

In 1776 family rebelled in America against such a government, and now I truly understand why.  Prime Minister Johnson, would understand why also if his name was instead spelled Johnston.

Sincerely  Mark Stephen Elliott

Армстронг, инженер, получивший образование на Среднем Западе США, говорит с мягкой буквой «а». Он как Армстронг, который стоит особняком, сказал: «Один маленький шаг для человека». Другие, которые не поверили бы инженеру, когда он сказал, что «уплотнительное кольцо» не работает при температуре, не думают, что он сказал «а».


*Armstrong Fairbairn (Fairy Bear-Fair Beorn)

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