Peace on the Scottish Border

Peace on the Border

Muirhall Hermitage Castle wind farm

Steeleye Span 
Published on Nov 8, 2014
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Peace On The Border · Steeleye Span

Steeleye Span

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Album Back in Line



Peace On The Border      

After the riding we dispersed
We drifted home in twos and threes
Through cold and rain we spat and cursed
This ancient war of families

Clan Armstrong Scotland’s Clans Series 1 Episode 1 of 6

BBC Four Smailholm Tower (above) and the Border Reivers

…..the most famous even reached the moon; Neil Armstrong.

Margaret Elliot (correct spelling of 29th chief of Redheugh-Stobs is Eliott) talks about how the Reivers were opportunists who were a law unto themselves. (Broadcast: 8/5/2008)

Armies past and then returned
They killed and raped, they stole and burnt
So from the cradle we have learnt
To be as hard as stone
And learned to stand alone

Clan Armstrong Scotland’s Clans Series 1 Episode 1 of 6

Rowanburn, UK

They are gone now, the killing and disorder
They’re just ghosts now, the brigand and marauder
And we give thanks for peace on the border
We give thanks for peace on the border

(Armstrong tartan piece said to be left on moon; by guess who; hint Neil Alden Armstrong)

Cloak and dagger, crime on crime
Anarchy in the borderlands
The king’s men came with a valentine
To break to power of the border clans

Surname distribution of Langholm Scotland to Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland of Border Reiver ancestry of Neil Alden Armstrong;

Langholm of Clan Armstrong’s Castle, and where the Bauld (Scottish for ‘bold’) Buccleuch now lives is the Scottish Border Home of Neil Alden Armstrong, BBC News.

Fiona Armstrong BBC, on Neil Alden Armstrong’s visit to his claimed hometown, of Langholm, Scotland, just after his death.

Ulster, Northern Ireland, the Irish home of Neil Alden Armstrong.

Some were hung, some sent away
To Ireland and the low countries
Great was the price they had to pay
God bless their memory
And god bless you and me

The broken towers that stand today
Stand for peace and order
Reminding us until the day
That we need no more borders

5/15/2018 MSE

A giant leap for an ‘Ulsterman’… 

Armstrong, Armestrong, Armstrang, Armestrong, Ellot, Johnston, and Scot for Scott in c.1630, Country Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland muster.

German genealogy of Ulster, Border Reiver, Neil Alden Armstrong.

Deutsche Genealogie von Ulster, Border Reiver, Neil Alden Armstrong.

Two excellent sources for Neil Alden Armstrong genealogy and family history;

Reference for Neil Alden Armstrong’s early Armstrong history. Highly recognized by the Armstrong for their history;

“I REMAIN UNVANQUISHED!”, by William Stephenson

It is felt that I likely met Albert Bird Armstrong while researching the Salt City, Utah Later Day Saint, Family History Library. Could recall meeting a individual volunteer in a suit named badge surname Armstrong, which asked not if I was familiar with The Book of Mormon, but The Chronicles of the Armstrong, since I am Elliott.

Would assist dad Loren Spencer Elliott in his genealogical research. A shared hobby between father and son. Dad typed the above on onion skin paper.


(republication photo copy by: Clan Armstrong Trust, 1992)

A history renowned of for the people of Liddesdale and the surrounding region. Use by all that need a highly qualified record of documentation of border people for genealogical purposes, and would be an excellent source to utilized to research down Neil Alden Armstrong, surname line.

The History of Liddesdale…, Vol.1, By Robert Bruce Armstrong

I’m Borderer and defending the Hermitage Castle; of the Middle March Clans; Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon, and Crozier.

Ich bin ein Borderer (nein Ich bin ein Berliner) und verteidige die Hermitage Castle; der Middle March Clans; Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon und Crozier.

Muirhall Hermitage Castle wind farm

‘Sheep stealers from the north of England’: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell

9/15/2018 MSE

“Schafdieb aus dem Norden Englands”: Die Riding Clans in Ulster von Robert Bell

9/29/2018 MSE

Borders National Park;

Feasibility study for a proposed Scottish Borders National Park

Campaign for a Scottish Borders National Park

Neil Alden Armstrong Scottish Borders National Park 

Though likely would be shortened to Armstrong National Park, which would be inclusive of a people (Borderers) from both sides of the border.

Would be a great name for it.

10/5/2018 MSE