The Lost World Between England and Scotland combined PDF

STEEL BONNETS In Debatatable Lands with George Macdonald Fraser and Eric Robson cut-A

STEEL BONNETS In Debatatable Lands with George Macdonald Fraser and Eric Robson cut-B



Barbados-POW Scots 1650




The boss seems to have the same bad habit as me: we listen to Armstrong. Engineer Neil Armstrong took the first step on the Moon, and I saw the first satellite in space, launched by Russia. When Armstrong, as an engineer, said “one small step for a man”, the letter “a” was not in the entry, someone removed it.
When the Utah engineer says the Orings are bad, the shuttle explodes. Due to the lack of a nail, the horse was lost.

У начальника, похоже, та же вредная привычка, что и у меня: мы слушаем Армстронга. Инженер Нил Армстронг сделал первый шаг на Луну, и я увидел первый спутник в космосе, запущенный Россией. Когда Армстронг, как инженер, сказал «один маленький шаг для человека», буквы «а» в записи не было, ее кто-то удалил. Когда инженер из Юты говорит, что Оринги плохие, шаттл взрывается. Из-за отсутствия гвоздя лошадь потерялась.

Peace on the Border [Rick Kemp] ( Steeleye Span sings 

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the … – Robert Bruce Armstrong – Google Books


Kirtland, OH Daniel-David NY line;



Muirhall Heritage Castle (Windy Edge) wind farm

Braidlee-Brailey Burn is between Dod Hill and The Hermitage Castle.

Though the Duke of Buccleuch, knows this land quite well, would question how well the Scottish Government, may a say a puppet of the English, and the Wind Farm industry, because they think a reporter is a land’s man. 29th Chief Margaret Eliott of Redheugh has and elwand, a Scottish standard of measurement on her shield. Elwood-Elwand-Ellot-Elliot-Eliott are Clan variant names. Am an Elwand of Gorrenberry, which measures. Did work as a mine engineer, but the Scottish government thinks that more than The Duke of Buccleuch, that a reporter knows more about land, and their reporter overturned the discission of not building Windy Farm, and name utilized by the English French but Scottish only in name wind farm industry. The heart of Robert never did make it to Jerusalem. If your government does not preserve this land into a National Park like the Duke of Northumberland, then without question they are a government of corporate English wind farms.

Mark Stephen Elliott December 30, 2023.

Scottish Poetry Selection – Wha Daur Meddle Wi’ Me? (

Mary Stewart Marie Stuart Queen of Scots (

Sketch of Dand Ellot of Scotland to Daniel Elliot of Ulster (Dand to Daniel –  PDF MSE 10/25/2010

10/25/2010 Bob’s last birthday did not make it to Christmas.

Robert Elliott Obituary, Urbandale, IA :: Iles Funeral Homes

When a surname changes over the centures how should it be recorded? – WikiTree G2G  by anonymous 

Bec; An early resident of Bec was Alanus Elfwold (1248).[5] Humanistiska vetenskaps-samfundet; Lund, Louise Vinge C.W.K. Gleerup. vol. 72-74 p. 22

Rimington, History
The village was listed in the Domesday Book as “Renistone”. The name Boulton (Bolton) is listed in land deeds of 1302,[3] and Robert Elwald son of Alan listed 1304.[4] Calendar of Close Rolls, Vol 1302-7

Have a bit of West African (Nigerian), West Indies (Barbados) in me. POW Scots Charles II Royalists were sent as slaves from the Battle of Dunbar to Barbados;


Это, конечно, не для Бакклюха или вождя Керра, мужа и брата Элизабет из дома Фернихерст, а для Элизабет в ее сохранении пограничной истории.

Redheugh – Larriston sasine/deed 5th Century

Border Reivers; Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon, Crozier of Middle March 1587 – Elwald

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the … – Robert Bruce Armstrong – Google Books

James Donald Elliott, and I are the closest Daniel of Salem, MA-Tullykelter,  Co. Maguire-Fermanagh, Ireland, because we both branch from the sixth son, Comfort Elliot. Louis Mark Elliott of husband S.A. has son buried near her at Rose Hill Cemetery, Mt. Ayr (Ayr, of Robert Burns), Iowa, USA, named William Comfort Elliott. In 37 markers we are one off.

Though my religious society welcomed Catholics, to the Quaker State, which they governed, DNA wise I’m proud to say, that I’m a descendant of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the longest living signer and only Catholic to sign The Declaration of Independence, his cousin was first U.S. Bishop. Since it is by DNA and not family lineage do not feel the Catholics share my pride.

Mark Stephen Elliott

Redheugh – Larriston sasine/deed 5th Century



Daniel Elliot 1637-1704 Tullykelter, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland to Boston, MA,

Daniel Elliot (1637–1704) • FamilySearch


Scottish Poetry Selection– Wha Daur Meddle Wi’ Me?


Daniel Elliot 1637-1704 Tullykelter, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland to Boston, MA,

Daniel Elliot (1637–1704) • FamilySearch


The Aug 4, 1682 Boston deed: Daniel Elliot Sr, father of Daniel Elliot Jr of the Salem Testimony, was a document discovered by Melanie Hollett of the Daniel Elliot group.

Daniel Elliot 1637-1704 Tullykelter, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland to Boston, MA,

Chronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Daniel Elliot (1637–1704) • FamilySearch


Crosser-Crozier 1587 Middlemarch

These Jews and Graham brought this J-M267 because we are on the other side of the border (interstate, whatever). Although we Armstrong-Elliot-Nixon-Crozier are from Middlemarch, Scotland, we married Grahams although they were English, Maguires although they were Irish, Africans from the West Indies and American Indians.
Mark, Elliot, Robert, to at least acknowledge that we exist, but why can’t I find a Jew named Abraham like Lincoln?

Mark Stephen Elliott

What’s in a name anyway?


Эти евреи и Грэм привезли этот J-M267, потому что мы находимся по другую сторону границы (межгосударственной, какой угодно). Хотя мы, Армстронг-Эллиот-Никсон-Крозьер, родом из Миддлмарча, Шотландия, мы женились на Грэмах, хотя они были англичанами, на Магуайрах, хотя они были ирландцами, африканцах из Вест-Индии и американских индейцах. Марк, Эллиот, Роберт, хотя бы признать, что мы существуем, но почему я не могу найти такого еврея по имени Авраам, как Линкольн? Марк Стивен Эллиотт

Daniel Elliot (1637-1704) of Tullykelter, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland

Steel Bonnets In Debatatable Lands with George Macdonald Fraser and Eric Robson cut A 51min

Steel Bonnets In Debatatable Lands with George Macdonald Fraser and Eric Robson cut B 50min

Redheugh – Larriston sasine/deed 5th Century

Union-Jack Tories still are laughing at sending Scots as slaves to the English Colonies.

My ancestors at least knew in 1776, to chase them out and fly the Stars and Stripes.

Scottish Poetry Selection – Wha Daur Meddle Wi’ Me?

The royal coat of arms in Scotland has the Latin motto “Nemo me impune lacessit”. The English translation of this is “Nobody interferes with me with impunity” and this is often defiantly expressed in broad Scots as “Wha daur meddle wi’ me?” which is the title of this anonymous poem. But on this occasion it is being aggressively repeated by a member of the Elliot family, one of the Border families who not only fought their neighbours but were part of the first line of defence against marauding English invaders – and could sometimes defy the Scottish monarch as well!

A Hawick Word Book by Douglas Scott PDF


Figure 5.4 Topographic Map within 10km

Liddesdale Wind Farm. Scoping Report. Figure 5.4. Topographic Map within 10km. 1 … A02) Teviot. C01) Pines Burn. C02) Windy Edge. A03) Faw Side. Site Boundary.


The Scotts of Buccleuch. [With plates, including portraits and facsimiles.] : Fraser, William, Sir, 1816-1898 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


A Hawick Word Book by Douglas Scott PDF

The Annals of a Border Club (the Jedforest): And Biographical Notices of the … – George Tancred – Google Books Redheugh

FTDNA Border Reivers



 Brigham DNA Gorrenberry google images



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ancestors Daniel Elliot 1637-1704?

Daniel Elliot, Salem by Loren S. Elliott – Elwald


Hollows Tower from Gilnockie

Proto-Germanic R-U106 haplogroup DNA Elwald-Elliot




The Annals of a Border Club: George Tancred 1899 p.149

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ancestors Daniel Elliot 1637-1704?

A HAWICK WORD BOOK  by Douglas Scott PDF






Brigham ‘This is the Place’ genealogy with DNA applied

Kuta R-FT41761 Big-Y, FTDNA Polish, seemed to get stopped at this brick wall by SNPs in Ukraine, also, but as you can see a Bennett Greenspan seemed to get into the Ukraine. One would think he would help others to break through this ‘brick wall’. Is it the sampling of the Ukrainians causing the difficulties?
Mark Elliott
September 8 @ 9:12am


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ancestors Daniel Elliot 1637-1704?

Daniel Elliot, Salem by Loren S. Elliott

Tentative family tree structure.

Dand (alias for Andrew) had sons;

Andrew (Dan the Cowie) Burgess of Selkirk.

Clementis Hobs (Clement Crosar-Crozier’s living on Gledstane land of Stobs sister’s son Robert Ellott)

Clementis Hobs had sons;

Robert Ellot Bailee to Sir John Hamilton of Armagh, likely died in Irish Rebellion of 1641.

Andrew Ellot alias Dand became Daniel Ell(i)ott of Tullykelter on James Somerville land, in 1610 Tyrone muster, son James Somerville, estate owner of Tullykelter of Monea Castle muster is in 1630, along with a Robert Ellot, son of Daniel Ell(i)ot, it is this Robert Ellot which is felt to name his first son Robert of Maine-Portmouth, NH, after himself, and his second son Daniel after his father, and normal progression in naming. Robert indentured to the Cutt family of NH-ME, building houses. Daniel indentured to the Stone family of Cambridge.

MSE 11/7/2023

Sheep stealers from the north of England: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell




In the Four-Corners of New Mexico, taught BASIC at secondary level to Navajo and Zuni. Who says you can not learn from the youth.

Allen question; Trying to get help out of Harvard on this one. It is a lot to ask from someone from New Mexico. Did Rev. Thomas Allen who married the widow of John Harvard travel to England in 1650, was he on Capt. John Allen’s ship.?

Allen, Reverend Thomas, and Captain John 1640 Charlestown, MA


My family chased the Tories the Freedom of Speech silencers out of America. Daniel Elot (Elliott) was a Harvard Cromwellian Puritan slave of the Tory type. These people schooled at Harvard would never think of stopping a shuttle from going into space, when Utah engineers say it was not safe. Measure that silencing of my free speech is still held by Harvard types, and knew they silence an thought they hung me like a witch. Harvard if you know what the top of the queue means then you will know what applied engineering mathematics from Utah can do, and how you been relegated on an American standard to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ancestors, as Salem judges, which story was utilized in The Crucible. Have the Y-DNA of Daniel Elliott which testified in defense of Elizabeth Proctor.

The above are not my people. My people are POW Scot sent to the British Colonies. These are my people.

Mothers of Returned Missionaries, we really need your help. Nuclear parity was lost when engineers in Brigham City, Utah, disobeyed O-rings, causing the shuttle to explode. A daughter from the community of Framingham, Massachusetts, died on the shuttle. Through this documentation, you ladies will recognize your sons, the engineers of Brigham City.

Матери вернувшихся миссионеров, нам очень нужна ваша помощь. Ядерный паритет был утрачен, когда инженеры в Бригам-Сити, штат Юта, не подчинились уплотнительным кольцам, что привело к взрыву шаттла. Дочь из общины Фрамингем, штат Массачусетс, погибла на шаттле. Благодаря этой документации вы, дамы, узнаете своих сыновей, инженеров Бригам-Сити.

People from social studies, reporters, Harvard grads before they would believe engineers from Utah, on a remedial engineering strengths of materials class which I took at the University of Utah, they would put one of their own in a shuttle and send her into space, and have the shuttle blow up. They gave families of the witch trials renumeration, but they would rather die then correct the history to match the science. They would rather have a DNA race science of Adolph Hitler, and  showing they are not Americans, genealogists, or scientist by silencing shared speech need for science and genealogy, and not realizing the one which know the most about their family is of that family.


The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the … – Robert Bruce Armstrong – Google Books

‘Sheep stealers from the north of England’: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell History Ireland

Descended from Liddesdale’s most famous thief, who had a reputation in Ulster, Clementis Hobbs, son of Clement Crozier’s sister Robert Ell(i)ott. Cousins ​​of Armstrong, Nixon and Crozier still live on the Anglo-Scottish border and the EU-UK border. The side of the border that the nation state wins is historically correct, but border people with family histories migrate as refugees, and the remaining relatives on both sides of the border rebuild their homeland.

Происходил от самого известного вора Лиддесдейла, имевшего репутацию в Ольстере, Клементиса Хоббса, сына сестры Клемента Крозье Роберта Элл(и)отта. Двоюродные братья Армстронга, Никсона и Крозье до сих пор живут на англо-шотландской границе и границе ЕС-Великобритании. Сторона границы, которую выигрывает национальное государство, исторически правильна, но приграничные люди с семейной историей мигрируют как беженцы, а оставшиеся родственники по обе стороны границы восстанавливают свою родину.


Cambridge University Press & Assessment…

The People of the British Isles Project and
Viking settlement in England
Jane Kershaw ([email protected]) and Ellen C. Røyrvik
([email protected])






Россия — это большая территория, на которой проживает множество людей разных культур. Люди мигрировали. Переселились не те, которые воюют, а те, которые переселились в поисках лучших условий. Ветвление идет из Африки на Ближний Восток.

Арабский и иврит идут слева направо, поэтому они разветвлены и, вероятно, религиозно разветвлены.
Русский идет справа налево, а все языки, мигрирующие на запад из России, идут слева направо. Математика арабов более универсальна как язык.

Люди, медведи, волки и лоси встречаются в Азии и Америке, а имена используются в Азии и Америке для мигрирующих людей.

Англо-саксы мигрировали, что не значит, что они были завоевателями. Моя семья была шотландским военнопленным во время Кромвельской гражданской войны, продана в качестве залога кромвельским пуританам, и все же мы те, кто в Америке и Австралии, где сейчас находится FTDNA.

Кузены, вступившие в смешанные браки с ирландцем, Ко Фермана, переехали в Западную Германию во время Смуты, конфликтов между пресвитерианами и католиками, из городов далеко на севере Ирландии, чтобы превратить наши земли в поле битвы, поэтому мы переехали в Германию. Если на этой границе снова возникнет насилие, ожидайте, что Армстронг и Эллиот снова мигрируют в Германию с обеих сторон ирландской границы между ЕС и Брекситом.

ДНК путешествует вместе с языком. Если бы Рим завоевал этот язык, то Англия говорила бы на латыни. Если бы норманны завоевали этот язык, в Англии говорили бы по-французски. Победители демонизируют историю проигравших, чей язык и ДНК унаследованы.

Моя семья англо-саксонская русская, из Украины, откуда родом ваша семья. Сначала язык был бесписьменным, но фонетически нас называли лосями. Когда к фонетике были добавлены иероглифы, для лося появились разные варианты написания, хотя на диалекте они произносились в основном одинаково. Это было в районе обитания лосей в Евро-Азии.

Как только лоси вышли за пределы своей среды обитания, как это часто бывает при переходе в район Берлина из Польши, название изменилось на лось (elk), которое также используется в Англии.
Англо-европейцы мигрировали из западной Англии-Европы, где лоси не жили, поэтому они переняли американское слово, обозначающее лося (moose)…


Barton; Lancashire to America,1890:Andersson,1890:Andersen,1890:Anderson,1890:Anders

named – Map your surname across the UK (

Search Ulster Muster Rolls of c.1630 (

For Johnson use Johnston, for Elliot use Ellot, for Scott use Scot,  for Armstrong use Armstrong, Armstrang, Armestrong, and Armestrang, Lang and Long.

PoBI Viking settlement in England by Jane Kershaw & Ellen C. Røyrvik

Mom’s dad Stephen (from Austro-Hungarian Galicia dad Stefan) can’t stop listening to former Galician Jews, although Arthur Miller-Muller used the play “The Crucible” for freedom of speech. Grandfather Daniel Elliott, with whom I share Y-DNA, testified on behalf of Elizabeth Proctor. Harvard was a school of Puritan education. Daniel Elliot was probably half Native American according to my DNA. In testing this concept, the puritan Harvard changed their concept of whether they listen to people like genetic scientists who share differences in thinking by speaking freely.

Папа мамы Стивен (из австро-венгерской Галиции папа Стефан) не может перестать слушать бывших галицких евреев, хотя и Артур Миллер-Мюллер, использовал пьесу «Горнило» для свободы слова. Дедушка Дэниел Эллиотт, с которым я делюсь Y-ДНК, дал показания в защиту Элизабет Проктор. Гарвард был школой пуританского образования. Вероятно, согласно моей ДНК, Дэниел Эллиот был наполовину коренным американцем. При проверке этой концепции пуританин Гарвард изменил свою концепцию, прислушиваются ли они к таким людям, как ученые-генетики, которые разделяют различия в мышлении, говоря свободно.

LivingDNA 45% Viking result. Mark Stephen Elliott, New Mexico, USA.




Brigham ‘This is the Place’ genealogy with DNA applied


FTDNA Border Reivers

The Elliot is likely an Armstrong relation, they were good neighbors to Gorrenberry. At least the oldest Thomas Armstrong of Mangerton, a younger brother called Gilnockie, got some Elliot hung, as part of his gallant company. Shows those older brothers have to keep an eye on their younger brothers, if they have them. What Elliot would want to claim relations to those Graham, Irving, Johnston, and Little. They were not the best of people like those Armstrong.



A younger brother which died around 1530, to oldest Thomas Armstrong, of Mangerton, which has 1540 land assessment, for Billhope, on the westside of Wm Elwald goodman of Gorrenberry land.

A Douglas Scott of Astro-physics, University of British Columbia, Canada, is from Hoik (Hawick), and is lucky though at times he may not think so to have a younger brother and active border ballad singer. Though he has the middle name  ‘Hunter’, he’s still his younger brother.  Douglas Scott, it is not ‘Ladies Knowe’, it is “Lada” (Blaeu 1654), (Dictionaries of the Scots Language:: DOST :: lade n 3 (  ,  Dictionaries of the Scots Language:: DOST :: riddill n 2 (  . The name of the Hermitage Water was Riddill rf 1590 Liddesdale map.





ДНК — один из многих инструментов, используемых для поиска членов семьи.


DNA is one of many tools used to find family members.


生活在来自亚洲的人们中间,似乎将沙皇和海啸中的“ts”声音带到了美国。这是第二波。 第一波是祖尼,还有东边的人,根据我的DNA,他们真的欢迎我的家人。祖尼人跳科曼奇舞,这表明DNA在他们的语言基础中。美国驼鹿一词来自该语言。

A statue in the middle of the “Richard Nixon Centennial” exhibit shows President Richard Nixon meeting with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in 1972, an important moment in his lifetime which was an effort to improve relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Nixon’s visit to China was the first time a president had ever visited the nation, and was an unexpected first step to discussions that involved the Soviet Union.
///ADDITIONAL INFO /// KEVIN LARA, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER – 0214.nixonexhibit – shot: 2/6/13 — ///
The Nixon Library is opening a new exhibition to commemorate President Nixon’s 100th birthday. It explores Nixon’s youth and rise to presidency, as well as important artifacts related to his life in the White House.


Elliot Chief receives a tribute to her grandmothers at Greenville, SC

Forty-eight Elliot Clan Society members participated in the Chief ís Dinner on Saturday evening during the Greenville Games. Duringdinner, Elliot Clan Society member and South Carolina re-enactor, William Grissop, of Travelers Rest, South Carolina delivered a moving tribute to the Chief – honoring her Scottish Border and Southern Grandmothers. The Elliot Chief descends from a line of hereditary Chiefs back to the time of Robert the Bruce in the 1300s in Scotland. Through her Atlanta-born paternal grandmother, she also descends from many early South Carolina families who settled in that state before the American Revolutionary War. Here are the words Mr. Grissop shared with Margaret Elliott of Redheugh: Margaret Eliott is a daughter of the Scottish Borders, that fabled land that produced the men known as the Border Reivers or the Steel Bonnets. They were indeed men of steel. It need not be doubted that these men of steel sprang from, married and fathered women of steel. To even read casually of the Border history would make one wonder what sort of women were these who mothered, married and supported these men, the Steel Bonnets. These were strong women, resilient women, loving women. Were it not so, we of the Elliot Clan would not be here today. Our Chief, Margaret Elliott, is blood and sinew of these people. She is also blood and sinew of another proud line of strong women. Chief Margaret is also a Southern Girl! Her paternal grandmother was bornin Georgia and other grandmothers were born in South Carolina and Tennessee. (Being a native South Carolinian with much Georgia blood flow ing through my veins, I can readily state that this is about as much glory as one person can stand!) These women of the South have proven their glorious worth over the years.

Section B Bethís Newfangled Family Tree August 2008 Page 3




Wind farm battle over Scottish castle


John Boulton Dungannon Lord Viscount Powerscourt Tyrone c1630 Muster Rolls (

November | 2022 | DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy ( Gisburn

Memorials in Twiston Quaker Burial Ground – Find a Grave

Lancastria Atlas Christopher Saxton in 1576






















Use to using a different format, but the above is and example of lands, including an insert-map showing Braidlee, from Anglo-Saxon Broadlee, meaning a valley broad on the leeward side. Wolflee also Anglo-Saxon, meaning the valley of the wolf. Yes, there were wolfs in the region. They introduced them around here and the Navajo grandmas shoot them for going after their sheep. Put chief Margaret Eliott raised in Stobs, but of Redheugh, in the same category if Scotland decides to reintroduce wolfs. Her husband seems to have a Polish wolfish type surname.

Though I may observe him, do not want to make any distinctive moves. Past British Army MI6 you know, but on the same family side.

May have bumped elbows on an Armstrong in the Aberdeenshire region. Finding that Eliott-Elliot may have land connection with Douglas-In-graham in region. Those Graham they are English an seem to not want to claim Armstrong-Elliot as family. Maybe the Nixon and Crozier seem to have English connections they find more acceptable.

Kind of like staying in the Forest with the Fosters, they are English and seem to be not offended to be related to Armstrong and Elliot, from the English side like those Grahams. It is the Hunter and wolf, for they are predators of the elk-moose, I must watch out for.

The Crozier seem to be Saxon along with the Thorleehope (valley of Thor, god of lightning Thunder Valley). A couple of Crozier seem to match their Y-DNA and are not R-L193. It seem like if you are not R-L192 and are R-U106, Anglo-Saxon they like to silence and exterminate you.  Mark Stephen Elliott


Daniel as a forename is not popular in Scotland. Many great in accordance with Douglas Scott of BC, Canada, Dand Ellot was banished from both Kingdoms in 1607, then shows up as Daniel Elliott, in Tullykelter, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, as part of the Somerville Estate in-law to the Monea Hamilton. Names Somerville, and Ellott show up in 1610 Tyrone Muster, and a generation later in the Co. Fermanagh, Muster. James Somerville shows up in bother musters. 1610 James Somerville had son 1630 Somerville. Scots alias nickname for Andrew is Dand, Irish English it becomes Daniel from surname of Daniel-M’Daniel it may be obtained. Ellot family of Tullykelter were Anglican but nomally Catholic, from forenames show this, even the name in 1610 Ulster Muster of Co. Fermanagh, Marke Ellot shows this. Before 1650 the Scots used Ellot not Elliot with the Norman ‘i’. Daniel Elliott name in 1692 Salem Trials was spelled Elot, the ‘i’ was added likely because of a John Eliot (Eliot Hall Harvard) which came over on the Mayflower. Had a relative to a George Soul who’s ancestor those Armstrong may have melted in lead at Ninestanerig, 9 stone ridge. Did not seem to care much for this Soulis either. The Douglas and Armstrong seem to like, and this Douglas Scott who is from BC, Canada is active with the Hoik-Hawick Archaeological Society, and has this younger brother who is active also, and sings Scottish Ballads with this group called Scocha (Scott-Chapman), do not know being an elk-moose if I care for his middle name of Hunter, though I think he also is weary of the hunter.

A Hawick Word Book Douglas Scott.pdf (



Arthur Eliott; the inserted “i” in Ellot

Chronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Y-DNA (FTDNA) SNP E-M35 Humphrey Kirkpatrick of Colquhoun (Calhoun)

A-1 Clade de Glendonwyn-surnames  (


The history of the Brigham family; a record of several thousand descendants of Thomas Brigham the emigrant, 1603-1653 : Brigham, Willard Irving Tyler, 1859-1904 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Muirhall Hermitage Castle wind farm

Looks like I may have the ‘Y’ in me.

Namensverbreitungskarte – Verein für Computergenealogie (

Chronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

named – Map your surname across the UK (

Blaeu Atlas of Scotland – Maps – National Library of Scotland (

Meyers Gazetteer – An online, searchable version with historical maps

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Google FTDNA Blankfeld images

Robert Elwald 1484 receiving Redheugh-Larriston land from ‘Bell the…

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the …

Chronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis

Ellots of Redheugh,_Redheugh,_Larriston,_Hartsgarth.jpg

Redheugh-Larriston, 15th Century deed-sasine, of 29th Chief Margaret Eliott of Redheugh. Crozier witnessing.








Brigham ‘This is the Place’ genealogy with DNA applied – Clan Crozier

History students’ Pammel Court exhibition brings back memories – Link MagazineLink Magazine (

Sasine deed 1484 for Robert Elwald (Elliot), Redheugh, Larriston, Hartsgarth



“The introduction of an ‘i’ into the name ‘Ellot’ was, without doubt, unfortunate. It immediately confused th Clan with the weL-known English Norman family of St. Germains, settled in the West County of Wales and in no way related, whose name was derived from ‘Alyot’. And it confused still further the already indeterminate origin of those whose name was spelt with tow ‘Ls” and two ‘Ts’.”

28th chief Sir Arthur Eliott of Stobs, father of present 29th chief Margaret Eliott of Redheugh.


Alma’s-mom’s; mtDNA H27a 16129A; 16316G; 263G; 315.1C

FTDNA Blankfled – Google images

FTDNA Gorrenberry – Google images

FTDNA Gorrenberry – Bing images

FTDNA Blankfield – Bing images

Знакомство с квакерами – Религиозное общество Друзей (

Генеалогия – это обмен информацией о семейных отношениях, поиск знаний, отличных от своих, с целью составления генеалогических деревьев. Те, кто заставляет других замолчать, называя их лжецами, являются антисемейными историками, но могут быть предками, достойными проверки.

В прошлом генетика молчания использовалась для создания путем группировки людей со схожими идеологиями в качестве высшей расы.

Довольно интересно делиться информацией о своей семье в Интернете, но те, кто затыкают семью, называя их лжецами, скорее всего не искатели-искатели, меньше шансов найти семью.

Far, Loren Spencer Elliott, ville sige, at en ingeniør bygger en bro, som andre kan krydse. Family Tree DNA konstruerede en bro fra den tysk-danske grænse til East Anglia, hvor Lorens søn, Mark Stephen Elliott, kan krydse.

Лорен Спенсер Эллиотт, мой отец сказал бы, что инженер строит мост, по которому могут перейти другие. Генеалогическое древо ДНК построило мост от немецко-датской границы до Восточной Англии, который может пересечь сын Лорен, Марк Стивен Эллиотт.

Лорен Спенсер Елліотт, мій батько сказав би, що інженер будує міст, через який можуть перейти інші. Генеалогічне дерево ДНК побудувало міст від німецько-датського кордону до Східної Англії, який може перетнути син Лорен, Марк Стівен Елліотт.

Loren Spencer Elliott, mój ojciec powiedziałby, że inżynier buduje most, przez który inni mogą przejść. Drzewo genealogiczne DNA zbudowało most od granicy niemiecko-duńskiej do Wschodniej Anglii, który może przekroczyć syn Lorena, Mark Stephen Elliott.

Loren Spencer Elliott Môj otec by povedal, že inžinier stavia most, cez ktorý môžu ostatní prejsť. DNA rodokmeňa postavila most z nemecko-dánskych hraníc do východného Anglicka, cez ktorý môže prejsť Lorenov syn Mark Stephen Elliott.

Loren Spencer Elliott Apám azt mondaná, hogy egy mérnök hidat épít, amelyen mások átkelhetnek. A DNS családfa hidat épített a német-dán határtól Kelet-Angliáig, hogy átkelhessen Loren fia, Mark Stephen Elliott.

Loren Spencer Elliott Mein Vater würde sagen, dass ein Ingenieur eine Brücke baut, die andere überqueren können. DNA Family Tree hat für Lorens Sohn Mark Stephen Elliott eine Brücke von der deutsch-dänischen Grenze nach East Anglia gebaut.




May consider other spellings for Crozier.
First Name        Surname    Barony/Lands       Landlord/Estate County
John                    Croser        Magherboy            G. Hume Fermanagh
George                Courser      Magherbuy            Sir W. Cole Fermanagh
William               Grocer        Magherbuy           Sir W. Cole Fermanagh
William               Grocer        Dungannon          Captain A. Sanderson Tyrone



Рональд Рейган
«Дружеское убеждение» также вошло в мировую историю в 1980-х годах, когда президент США Рональд Рейган подарил фильм генеральному секретарю СССР Михаилу Горбачеву на одной из их пяти встреч на высшем уровне, предложив ему посмотреть фильм…

«Дружеское убеждение»





Sometimes you wish you may have other family besides border people of Hawick.



One does not get to choose their ancestors, they are born with them.
 › wiki › File:Sasine_deed_148…
redheugh sasine from
This has landholders Ker, Scot, Elwald, Gladstanis, which helped with ownership of the land Redheugh, Larriston, Hartsgarth, and others to be transfer to Robert …



Arthur Eliott; the inserted “i” in Ellot

The double L and single T Descent from Minto and Wolflee,

The double T and single L Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell.

The single L and single T The Eliots of St Germains be,

But double T and double L, Who they are nobody can tell.




10th Chief Robert Elwald Redheugh-Larriston land from Archibald ‘Bell the Cat’ Douglas



Мир людей любит общаться с каждым. Это можно сделать с помощью текстовых переводчиков и картинок. Хотя языков много, их использует гораздо меньшее количество. Их строки символов и будут использоваться. Некоторые идут вертикально, вверх и вниз, некоторые справа налево, некоторые слева направо. Кажется, что во всем мире принимается формат слева направо. С русским двойным набором у русских, кажется, есть набор персонажей, путешествующих на запад в Европу, и другой набор в Восточную Азию, который используют нерусскоязычные народы. Имея большую площадь неосвоенных земель, кажется, что у русских есть большое будущее, к которому можно предвидеть. Это сделано потому, что люди поняли, что в двойственности символы используются горизонтально слева направо, причем один набор символов для Европы, другой для Азии, эти наборы вместе опоясывают мир.</