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Capt John Allen Jr.

Capt. John Allen, Jr., son of John Allen “the dyer” and his first wife Rebecca, bapt. Jan. 7, 1615/6 at St. Martin at Palace parish church in Norwich, England. Capt. Allen followed his 10-year older brother Rev. Thomas Allen (bapt. Aug. 26, 1608) to Charlestown, Mass. by 1640. It is uncertain whether Capt. Allen m. his wife Sarah before crossing the Atlantic Ocean or after he arrived in Charlestown.

Briefly digressing, Capt. Allen’s brother, Rev. Thomas Allen of Norwich, England and Charlestown, Mass., was associate pastor of the Charlestown Church under Rev. Zachariah Symms. He m. 1) circa 1639 in Charlestown, Anna Sadler, widow of Rev. John Harvard, the namesake of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. and settled Harvard’s estate, which included the bequest that Rev. Harvard’s personal library be given to the then fledgling Harvard College.

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Daniel Elliot, likely came back on the ship Rev. Thomas Allen traveled to London on.

Daniel Elliot

On Aug 4, 1682 Boston deed; Daniel Elliot Sr, father of Daniel Elliot Jr of the Salem Testimony,

Alexander sailed to America aboard the Liberty, a ship commanded by Captain John Allen. The liberty landed in Boston. Alexander paid for his passage with a six year bound labor contract with John Cloyes, also called indentured servitude.

Daniel Elliot (1637–1704) • FamilySearch

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Guy Hewitt is Anglican-Episcopalian.

Guy Hewitt: Barbados remembers Scots heritage on St Andrew’s Day (


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Guy Hewitt is Anglican-Episcopalian.

Guy Hewitt: Barbados remembers Scots heritage on St Andrew’s Day (

Guy Hewitt is Anglican-Episcopalian.

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Daniel Elliot (1637–1704) • FamilySearch

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Dunbar and Cockburn R-U106 & S5750 Y-DNA SNP

Dunbar & Cockburn Y-DNA U106 to S5750 near Scottish localities.

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Daniel Elliot (1637–1704) • FamilySearch

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When a surname changes over the centuries how should it be recorded? – WikiTree G2G

Guy Hewitt – Wikipedia

Guy Hewitt: Barbados remembers Scots heritage on St Andrew’s Day (

Hope I am not in trouble with the Armstrong being a descendant of George Soule.

Chronicles of the Armstrongs: Armstrong, James Lewis : Soulis Internet

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The Quakers (Friends) in Pennsylvania, many arrived from County Lancashire England, and has good relations with the indigenous populations. The Mormons (Saints), as they arrived in the western states also had good relationships with the indigenous populations. Mainly it is because like the native population, they like to listen, not silence people. Though the Friends are their action, and the Mormon have doctrine, it is the action of people is what we go by.  By actions Tom Udall, the Navajo, and Quakers in the US government are mainly allies.

The concentration of Latter Day Saints, are in the states-territories which women were first to vote.

The Society of Friends is strong on women’s rites. The first Quakers to come to Boston were ladies who arrived from Barbados.

Though the is a ladies hospital called Brigham in the region. Question whether their news is showing ladies taking leading rolls.

The family comes first, not the nation in family history. It seems that the grandma do a great job in keeping trace of family, and that is why the can be considered the archive of your family history. There are many tools which are making the search for family history faster. For family history those grandma’s previously are doing it in the proper fashion, the tools such as intercommunication, surname distribution, placenames (location, occupation, wildlife names, so on), DNA, and many more are and extension to the basics of family finding. The ones which utilizing silencing though this may happen where people do not communicate within a family this can be a great hinderance to family finding. If you are trying to best someone and not sharing information you are only besting your self. If you thing you are searching privileged information, you are placing walls around yourself. What you learned in life is restraining, to get beyond that dependency of shared knowledge is needed. Free speech not silencing is what democracy is about

Language changes up the family tree, and familiarity with that language helps your change with it. MSE 2-3-2024