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John Routledge
7 hours ago
Got my Big Y results back finally R=BY77067 links me up with Irish Rutledges descendants of Dr John Rutledge and the Croziers..Anyone else out there?
Mark Elliott
4 hours ago
Am a descendant of Clementis Hobs; IE Clement Crozier’s sister’s son Robert Elliott. Crozier
Archibald Crozier b 1835 d 1891 R-BY77067 Alasdair Macdonald, tell him I say he is an excellent admin. Anybody having difficulties getting into
They kicked me off of Wikipedia for helping the Clan Crozier to be on Wikipedia, so since they adopted my many great and took him in created a domain for them.
Since I own and operated the, domain, no one has kicked me off of it. If you can not get into that link, this one is available; Also has PDF downloads of what was put up on Wikipedia for Clan Crozier, by others and myself.

CROZIER RUTLEDGE St. Clair County, Michigan

Biographical Memoirs of St. Clair County, Michigan: To which is Appended a Comprehensive Compendium of National Biography; Memoirs of Eminent Men and Women in the United States
B.F. Bowen, 1903 – Saint Clair County (Mich.) – 322-4, 695 pages

Rutledge Routledge Crozier Y-DNA.

10/26/2019 MSE


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  1. Hi Mark. Thanks for posting this. I’m a descendant of John I and Crozier Rutledge whom you mention. One of John I (Irving though sometimes spelled Irvine) Rutledge’s sons was James Clay Rutledge. (Crozier Rutledge was his brother). James Clay is my great-great-grandfather. The biographical sketch says that William Rutledge is John I’s father and therefore Crozier Rutledge’s grandfather. Do you happen to know who William’s wife was? (The mother of John I and grandmother to Crozier Rutledge?). Was she a Crozier by chance? Many thanks for any help you can give! Kathleen Rutledge